Burning Man Festival


The Burning Man festival is a week-long fiesta celebrated to support anti-consumerism and freedom of expression. This year the festival will begin on 26th August and will last till the 4th of September.

America’s annual jamboree in the Burning man festival crossed over a 100K mark last year and this time it is expected to get even bigger. The history of the burning man is as interesting as the festival itself. So let’s take a look and find out who and when started this tradition.

What are the Best Career Fields for your Zodiac Sign


The most fascinating thing about Horoscope and Astrology, besides the fact that it is intriguing, is its ability to make even the most skeptic people slide into self-introspection. And if a little self-analysis gets you going, then there is nothing better. Maybe that’s the reason why one out of every three people in the country is fond of Astrology. But let’s not go down that road.

How Yoga and Astrology Are Connected to Each Other


Astrology is a science and so is Yoga. They may be different on so many levels, but interestingly, the subject remains the same, human lifestyle. Where Astrology studies the influences of planetary bodies on a human being and his destiny, Yoga, on the other hand, is all about finding the right balance between physical and mental energy channels.

If you’re wondering as to how these two are related to each other, then believe us, this is a no-brainer. As a matter of fact, there is a direct relation: Horoscope and Astrology is all about planets, and if we refer to the ancient Indian texts, the human body is apparently home to all those.

Is Zodiac Compatibility a Real Thing in Relationships


A relationship progresses in this fashion - two people meet, they go out, dine, and if everything goes well, then voila, you have a couple. No room for zodiac compatibility or anything. Initially, it’s the honeymoon phase where new lovebirds find themselves so into each other that everything else looks petty and boring. It’s only until they have their first fight and wonder if they are compatible with each other.

When it comes to relationships and marriage, it all boils down to one little thing, and that’s compatibility. As to how comfortable are two people, or how well do they complement each other. Astrologically, it is referred to as zodiac compatibility.

Understanding the Effects of Gemstones


When a newborn comes into this world, there are certain planetary bodies that are dominating and there are a few that are comparatively weak. In Astrology, it is stated that the planets and stars that aren’t strong often get influenced by vindictive planets. This brings along dreadful results for the ascendants. However, these planets are more powerful in their major retrogrades which means the ill-effects peak intermittently. But sometimes it can even last for life. It can affect health, mental well-being, personal relationships, and finances.

How Accurate is Horoscope Regarding Marriages


You don’t fall in love every day, and getting married to someone happens even rarely. But do you know, that both these life events can be predicted through your Horoscope or natal chart?

Astrology Prediction and birth chart readings have always been under the scanner for no significant reason. Some believe, Astrology is nothing but an illusion, and few think it’s dead accurate. Its integrity has always been debatable.