What Love Changes You Must Make in 2019 As per Zodiac Sign


When we meet someone and click instantly, destiny and stars have a major role to play in it. We do not meet anyone by accident. Every new individual teaches us something or the other. Whatever has happened to you, it was because of your previous deeds. Your present is decided by the same and your future rests upon your present.

The divine world knows it all, and it can help you out in improving your present and the future by suggesting you some ways through daily love horoscope.  Take a quick look at the changes you need to make in your love life in 2019 as per your Zodiac sign.

Tarot Predictions For Your Zodiac Sign When Fiery Mars is in Aries


Planet Mars, symbolizing action and energy at the same time, is a fiery planet in Astrology. For more than a month, it exaggerates the emotions of the intuitive #Pisceans. Its turbulent nature leads to mood swings of the natives as they find various ways to channelize their energy. Just after the celebrations of the New Year Eve, Mars has dragged out of the watery Pisces and had entered into the burning Mars! Its been a little long since Aries is controlled by its ruling planet, where it has its most dominant impact. Mars, the winning planet makes you feel satisfied and confident and ensures you succeed at whatever you do. It rules your passion, drives you to achieve new heights, and act upon your goals and dreams.

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When Mars enters Aries, you become active, creative, high in spirit, awakened and livelier. You are motivated to channelize this excessive energy in all ways possible being art, dance, gymming, sports or any other physical activity. If this energy does not get a constructive channel, it will split out in anger and rage.

Everything You Need to Know About First Supermoon of 2019


Supermoon, you all must have heard about it. It's everywhere in the news and it is quite a beautiful and significant phenomenon, astrologically as well as astronomically. So, what exactly is Supermoon? How is it significant? Let us gain some insight into this phenomenon and know about it in detail.

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What is Supermoon?

Supermoon is an event when the Moon is the closest to the Earth. ‘Perigee’ is the closest point of the Moon to the Earth in its orbit. So, when either the Full moon or the New Moon coincides with this point, then a Supermoon occurs.

For a moon to be called as a Supermoon, it needs to be 90% visible from the Earth. It is indeed a beautiful sight from our planet as the Moon looks approximately 14% bigger and much brighter.

Sun in Capricorn Tarot Predictions for Your Zodiac Sign


The Capricorn season is here and this time around it happens to be a lot more special. First off, it’s the presence of Sun in Capricorn constellation from December 22 to January 20 and then, it’s the Winter Solstice that occurs on December 21. So it’s the double scoop.

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Astrologically, #Capricorn is considered to be the sign of fearlessness and hard work. And for the fact that the Sun is in this constellation, one could only expect to feel more confident and be able to take on more challenges.

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Win It All This Capricorn Season


During this little period of transition from winding down on one year and welcoming the other, we engage in all kinds of celebrations, festivities, and then slowly shed down our holiday euphoria and go back to normal. This entire drill lasting for about a month from mid-December to January makes us experience either side of the spectrum. This is what a cardinal season is all about.

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Speaking of Cardinal, this is the Capricorn season and if you don’t really know much about Caps, then they are known to be the father of the zodiacs. According to Astrology, #Capricorn is the ruler of house number ten. One which signifies career growth, social reputation, public image, authority, and a desire to be recognized by everyone. So undoubtedly, it stands to be the reason why the Capricorn season inspires you to work smarter, level up your efforts and make most of every opportunity to manifest your dreams and ambitions.

How Two Eclipse of January Will Affect Your Zodiac


The year 2018 is behind us, and as we gear up for a new year, we’ll also be preparing for a whole new set of astrological activities. While the last year was packed with plenty of retrogrades, planets moving into different constellations, and lot other celestial shakeups, 2019 is no less either. And we say so because this year is set to begin with a bang. There’ll be two back to back eclipse taking place in the very first month of this new year. How often do we get to see a rare event as eclipse taking place on consecutive occasions?

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So the two partial solar eclipse mentioned above will take place on the 5th and 6th of January respectively. And for those who don’t know much about the significance of partial solar eclipse, it’s pretty much similar to a new moon except its strength is only cosmologically amplified. The energy will radiate on an even grander level and it happens to create the same opportunities and new beginnings often linked to a new moon. However, the most interesting thing to note about this event is that it makes you affirmative and resolute. You might pull off certain decisions that set the tone for an even exciting year ahead. To say the least, these eclipses will give you the courage to accept changes, be self-reliant, get gritty, show self-control, and basically be an upgraded version of yourself.