7 Things You Should Know About Chinese New Year 2019


2019 has arrived and we made sure that we welcome it with loads of fun, celebrations, and festivity. The major part of the world have celebrated the New Year on 1st January, but not those who go by the Lunar Calendar. By this, we mean that their celebrations will be according to the movement of the Moon. And, one such grand New Year celebration is the Chinese New Year 2019 Festival.

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Given the grandeur and splendor of Chinese New Year, it is a festival that almost everyone knows about. But, do you know that the date of Chinese New Year changes every year? Well, there are many such interesting facts that you didn’t know about this colorful fiesta. Let us know at least 7 such things you didn’t know about Chinese New Year 2019.

What to Anticipate In 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign


This has been a fantastic year, to say the least. And whether or not you subscribe to the science of Astrology, we believe it’s a great method to understand what the future holds. Besides, it’s the New Years and we can all use some positive energy to start a new and refreshing year on a high. Even if it means reading what is hidden in our stars.

How your love life going to be like in 2019!

So to begin this 2019 on a hopeful note, we bring you some general horoscope predictions for your zodiac sign that will help you make a solid start to this new year. Take a look

How Your New Year Eve Gonna Look Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Is New Year here already or what! The streets are spick and span, skyline all lit up and there is a December nip in the air that says the party is about to get started. Now before we all get indulged in some crazy celebrations, let’s take a moment to actually appreciate how awesome 2018 has been, and how it has dashed through, like a bolt of lightning.

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Obviously, you may disagree with me in some respect because not everyone feels the same about the year which has gone by. But trust me, despite what all you might have been through, 2018 was one heck of a year; definitely worth remembering for a long long time. And before we finally move on to the next one hoping things are going to get better and we would actually be able to live our dream, here’s the last scoop of Horoscope predictions and Astrology for you all.

How Your Love Life is Going To Be Like In 2019


Whether you’re single, with someone, or looking forward to finally having a meaningful and committed relationship, you’d always want to have someone alongside when it’s time for holidays. Because no matter how bad you are at it, love is as important a life aspect as any other. Speaking of which, 2019 is almost here and with every passing day, we are getting closer and closer to yet another exciting new year. As far as love, romance and relationships are concerned, this year is going to be all about changes and promises, which could take you onto a whole new life journey.

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So based on our Astrological interpretations and calculations, here’s what your love life is going to look like in 2019

How Awesome Is 2019 Gonna Be


Uranus retrograde in Aries kicks off 2019 with a bang. So you can imagine the awesomeness this year will have on offer for everyone as we move forward.

This is the year of change especially in terms of health and romance and lucky for us, Uranus has a solid stay in the Aries. It makes sure every little change is subtle and welcoming, laying the foreground for an even better time.

However, amidst all the positivity and cheerfulness there would be times when you might feel particularly lonely or out of sorts. Therefore make sure you manage to scoop out enough time out of your high-paced lifestyle for yourself to look back on your decisions.

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Another good thing to note this year would be Mercury retrogrades. Not one but three, all in water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. You can expect a splash of emotional perspective on everything throughout the year. This would greatly influence your creativity and imagination as well. So maybe for people working in professional fields where churning out new ideas is a major part of their job, 2019 is going to be supremely rewarding.

Which Christmas Flick Is Your Zodiac


Christmas is the only time of the year when you can cozy up in your comforter all day long and watch as many movies as you want without anyone judging you.

Now, Speaking of films, we really think movies and Christmas go a long way. Right from Santa Claus back in the black & white days to office Christmas Party, there has been a variety of content surrounding Christmas day stories to make us all fall in love with the holidays.

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There are plenty of memorable and heart-touching movies to watch on Christmas but which of these do you feel the most connected to? Well if you don’t really know the answer, then look no further because we bring you a list of all-time favorite Christmas movies one for each zodiac that will help you find out which holiday flick suits you the most.