Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones


Thanksgiving is a celebration of fun, festivities, love, and togetherness. It is a day when the entire family comes together to enjoy this festival and relish the delicious treats prepared. Whether you are the host of a Thanksgiving party or an invited guest, there is one thing you should do to make it a special one for your loved ones - give them a thoughtful present. And if it could be something with a personal touch, then nothing like it. If you are the host this time, we can tell you how to give a unique twist to your Thanksgiving party. Your guests will love your gesture!

7 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home on Thanksgiving


The festivities have begun! And the next stop is Thanksgiving. Each one of us is eagerly awaiting this fun-filled extravaganza as we begin the preparations. While Thanksgiving dinner is the most integral aspect of the celebration, there are other things as well which one needs to take care of if you are the host of the party.

Read Your Thanksgiving Horoscope Here!

We all know that the Thanksgiving dinner table should look lavish, tempting and delicious. But, there is one more thing which is equally important if you want to give a beautiful and festive vibe to your celebrations - home decoration. So, you take care of the Thanksgiving Dishes and let us give you some affordable and easy decor ideas to sort your home decoration blues.

Which Thanksgiving Dish Is Your Zodiac


It’s Thanksgiving already, jeez does time fly! I don’t know about you but it seems like just last night that we enjoyed an awesome Halloween party. Well, the holiday season has begun and the next stop is Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, ‘Turkey day.’ If I were to choose one festival in particular which had all the elements that make it a classic holiday event, it had to be this one. Friends, celebrations, historic significance, banters, parade, it has everything, and most importantly it has food. Thanksgiving is one day of the year when you don’t have to watch your weight because devouring surfeit of food items is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as anything else.

Know Your Thanksgiving Horoscope 2018


Before we could get over the Halloween festivities, another exuberant and beautiful festival comes knocking at our door. The festive season has begun and we cannot wait for the next celebration, i.e. Thanksgiving. It is a day to be thankful and grateful for what we have and to spend time together with our family and loved ones. The delicious treats and family get-togethers make this one of the most awaited festivals in the USA.

To make your Thanksgiving all the happier and merrier, and to give an inspirational twist to it, we bring you Thanksgiving Horoscope 2018 as per your Zodiac Sign. Want to know what the stars have in store for you on this festive day? Let’s find out!

Halloween Horoscope Predictions For Your Zodiac


The scariest night of the year is here. Get ready to be haunted by the restless spirits of the dark and the spooky environs of the chilling Autumn nights.

Keeping aside Halloween’s contemporary reputation as an event to throw costume parties with tomfoolery scary settings, the festival actually finds its roots from the ancient Pagan rituals back when Christian communities used to observe the then-known ‘Hallow's Eve’ to celebrate transmigration of the souls to life. In simpler words, when the dead meet the alive. Even then it was a significant event in terms of Astrology so how can we forget Halloween’s importance in the Zodiac calendar.

Which Halloween Candy are You Supposed To Be Based on Your Zodiac


I think we can all agree on this, Halloween is as much about candy as it’s about costumes, theme parties, and remembering the dead. One bite into the sugary delight, and bam, you are teleported to your childhood. Remember as kids, when we used to ring doorbells and shout ‘trick-or-treat’ running around the entire neighborhood. And then count how many candies did we score by the end of the night. But now that you are way past the ideal age of trick-or-treating, there’s no other other option than to pick one for yourself which by the way is not easy these days with the countless options available in the market.