6 Unknown Facts About Tarot You Must Know

6 Unknown Facts About Tarot You Must Know
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Date : 04 Sep, 2018

Be it Astrology, Horoscope, or Tarot reading, there are all kinds of misbelief surrounding their usefulness in real life. Films and television have made it even worse with their over the top misrepresentation of Tarot as some sort of mystic practice and a work of the devil. Others believe it to be an extension of religious pretext. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, then take this, some even claim it to be a group of people or a community, which follows the likes of popular secret societies such as Freemasons and Illuminati.

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Tarot Reading is much more to what we already know about it. It is basically a magical guidance that takes people onto the right path. And not just that, it also helps discover the hidden realities that one might never come across naturally.

Similar to what you’ve read just now, there are some more facts and truths regarding Tarot that we believe you must know. Not only will you find them jaw dropping but it will change the way you thought about Tarot. Furthermore, it will enhance your understanding of the concept of Tarot reading and its benefits. Take a look:

  1. Tarot- A deck of playing cards!

Much like it’s implication, there are a lot of myths surrounding the origination of Tarot. But did you know that Tarot was created in Italy during the Renaissance period. It was actually meant for recreation like playing cards but gradually made its way into spiritual societies that by the end of late 19th century transformed it into a form of divination.

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  1. There’s nothing Spooky about Tarot

In the popular modern culture, it is often believed that the reader must supplicate spirits before starting the session. It may be necessary for a few people to kick things off but it’s not essential either. You can read the Tarot cards without invoking some kind of natural powers present in nature.

  1. Tarot Doesn’t Tell your Future

Every time you hear the word ‘Tarot’ and ‘Reading’ together the first thing that might come to your mind is future. People think Tarot can paint them a complete picture of what the future would be like or at least give them a rough idea as to sit on which slot machine the next time they visit Vegas. But to your surprise, it’s even more useful. Tarot reading helps you make out the current situation so that you can make some productive changes for an excellent future.

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  1. Tarot Never Tells Anything Negative

As surprising as it may sound but, there are no negative cards in the entire Tarot deck. People often live under the impression that drawing a bad card would bring along some horrifying consequences, but they can’t be more wrong. Each card in the Tarot deck is just an indication to your current state of mind.

  1. Most Popular Fortune Teller in the World

Tarot is the most popular, widespread and admired form of divination in the world. Two out of every five people in America are into Tarot reading and visit a psychic reader for an average of three times every year. Even some of the former presidents were hooked to this practice.

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  1. The Connection between Astrology and Tarot

Tarot and Astrology have a lot in common even though they are not related to each other. Similar to zodiac signs based on elements namely Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the minor Arcana to contain four suits belonging to these elements. It includes Swords, Pentacles, Wands, and cups respectively, and in the same order.

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