7 Things You Should Know About Chinese New Year 2019

7 Things You Should Know About Chinese New Year 2019
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Date : 07 Jan, 2019

2019 has arrived and we made sure that we welcome it with loads of fun, celebrations, and festivity. The major part of the world have celebrated the New Year on 1st January, but not those who go by the Lunar Calendar. By this, we mean that their celebrations will be according to the movement of the Moon. And, one such grand New Year celebration is the Chinese New Year 2019 Festival.

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Given the grandeur and splendor of Chinese New Year, it is a festival that almost everyone knows about. But, do you know that the date of Chinese New Year changes every year? Well, there are many such interesting facts that you didn’t know about this colorful fiesta. Let us know at least 7 such things you didn’t know about Chinese New Year 2019.

  1. Date is not fixed!

    Unlike the traditional way, where New Year’s Eve is observed on 31st December and 1st January, Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different date every year. The celebrations of this day are according to the Lunar Calendar. It usually falls between January-February. This time, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 5th. Here, Tarot readings and reports to get the insight you need

  2. Longest New Year Celebration

    Interestingly, it is a 15-day long grand festival. It is popularly called the Spring Festival as the celebration begins at the onset of Spring and ends after 15 days with a Lantern festival. It is a 15-day holiday in China where people do not go to work and kids don’t attend school making it a celebration of a kind.

  3. A Global Celebration

    Chinese New Year 2019 celebration is not just limited to China. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm in other parts of the world namely, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmarand even the US and the UK where there is a Chinese population. Check out the Feng Shui benefits in daily life

  4. Everyone Grows An Year Older

    As surprising as it may sound, everyone in China grows an year older on Chinese New Year Day. Everyone who is a part of the celebration is also celebrating his/her birthday on this day. This age is often known as the nominal age which is obviously different from the real age.

  5. A Traditional and Religious Celebration

    Chinese New Year 2019 is a traditional festival where families come together to enjoy and celebrate this day. Family reunion is in fact an integral aspect of this festivity. It is important that the entire family should be together before New Year’ Eve to spend time with family and have New Year’s Eve dinner together. Also, it is a day to worship God and pray for a good harvest and an year of abundance and prosperity. Moreover, it is also believed that it keeps the bad luck and bad spirits at bay. Is luck on your side? Check out the daily Horoscope to know what the stars say today.

  6. No Stepping Out Of The House For 5 Days

    The real celebration of Chinese New Year actually begins on the 6th day. As per an interesting tradition, showering, cleaning or even stepping out of the house for 5 days is considered a taboo or a bad luck. This is done to make sure that good luck is not washed away from their homes as well as their lives. Moreover, there is a special day dedicated for just cleaning in order to make room for prosperity and good luck to usher in.

  7. Everything Turns Red

    Red is the theme color of Chinese New Year celebrations. In #China, it is believed that decorations done with Red is a way to ward off monsters, evil spirits and bad luck on New Year’s Day. So all the decorations including fireworks are done in the shade of red. Even during the Lantern Festival, all the lanterns have a shade and tinge of red in them.

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Chinese New Year 2019 is a celebration of traditions, colors, feasts and happy times. It is observed with a lot of hope and positivity in Chinese culture

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