Jupiter Transit in 2018


Jupiter is a benefic planet, one that is resposnible for a lots of significant changes in life. This year Jupiter is transiting into Scorpio hence, it's influence over every other zodiac sign is going to be massive. Read as we bring to you everything that you need to know about this major astrological event.

Born on The Cusp Know What is Your Zodiac Sign


If you are one of those people who is born on the cusp and often feel out of place while reading your daily horoscope, then no need to worry anymore or long for answers because we have come up with a detailed solution for your problem.

But if you still wondering what’s a cusp sign, then read further:

Cusp is an imaginary line demarcating different signs on the zodiac wheel, particularly the consecutive ones. Ascendants born on the date when the Sun is on that cusp line, are known as cusp signs. Since the entire concept is quite confusing, people belonging to these signs always find themselves right in between of a muddle, musing over which sign they should stick to.

What is the connection between Tarot and Astrology


Astrology and Tarot are two very distinct philosophies, but they share similar astral background and an inextricably close framework. While "Astrology focuses on planetary movements for guidance, Tarot concerns the mystical powers of the cosmic universe". Both practices have mutually enriching qualities which help readers get through challenging circumstances in life.

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There is indeed a strong connection between Astrology and Tarot Reading, no doubts there. But, how exactly are they related to each other is an interesting thing to know. Let us gain more insight into this!

What are the Benefits of Reading Daily Horoscope


It’s been rightly said, “ the most consistent of them all is inconsistency.” Sticking to something long enough that it actually becomes a part of your life is nothing short of a challenge, especially in times like these when you hardly have time for yourself. Adopting fitness regime, healthy eating habits, resisting the Powerball sound just so right in this context because hey, a routine is a routine.

Your September Horoscope is Here

Similarly, for an Astrological devotee, reading daily horoscope can be as much a part of life as drinking coffee or dropping kids to school.

6 Unknown Facts About Tarot You Must Know


Be it Astrology, Horoscope, or Tarot reading, there are all kinds of misbelief surrounding their usefulness in real life. Films and television have made it even worse with their over the top misrepresentation of Tarot as some sort of mystic practice and a work of the devil. Others believe it to be an extension of religious pretext. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, then take this, some even claim it to be a group of people or a community, which follows the likes of popular secret societies such as Freemasons and Illuminati.

Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future


Tarot cards are probably the most popular form of divination that is out there. Primarily, it’s because people have an impression that with Daily Tarot, there is that mystic element of future telling which will certainly come into play. However, this notion is debatable because skeptics believe that no ability that a human mind can wield could ever come close to predicting the future. Whereas, some psychics claim to have successfully predicted the future just by going through a set of Tarot cards using their intuition and so-called psychic abilities.