New Moon In Sagittarius Not A Good News For These 3 Zodiac Signs


For those who don’t know, there will be a new Moon just a couple of weeks before we bring in the Christmas and New Year festivities. This event will be observed on 6 and 7, depending upon the time zone you follow. For Eastern and Central it would be around two in the morning and as per Pacific standard, it could be clearly observed around the midnight.

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Having said that, this lunation will take place in the sign of Sagittarius. Now, despite the happy and jolly characteristics of the Sagittarius, this Astrological event is no way close to this zodiac.

December New Moon Turns You into Risk Taker


Apart from being a holiday month, December is also known to be an eventful period in terms of Astrology and considered a significant phase for the ever-so-changing celestial arrangements. There is a lot that you can witness in this month like some spectacular meteor showers and the refreshing December solstice.

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Now speaking of Astrological events, it’s important to consider the first such major observation for this month. And that would be the New moon taking place on the 6th at around 11:19 pm as per Pacific standard time. Much like any other astronomical occurrence, this one too has a relation with Astrology.

What Does The New Moon Bring You This December


Mercury elongation, Geminids meteor shower, Ursids meteor shower, and December solstice, are only a few amongst many Astronomical events taking place this month. We may not realize but there’s a lot happening out up there in the endless dark stretches. And let's face it, either it’s a meteor shower, stars crashing into each other, or regular planetary retrogrades, these cosmological events have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Now here, we may not talk about one of such spectacular event but we definitely have managed to crack up your mood for some Astrology stuff.

As mentioned, December is an eventful month in terms of Astrology, and one such event that is going to be significant this December is New Moon. Now you would be thinking what could have possibly made this month’s New Moon so special as it occurs once after every thirty days, then you must read this article.

How Full Moon This November Affects Black Friday


November has always been the kind of eventful month an Astrologer would want to study. There’s already so much that has taken place like the extra #newmoon, Jupiter moving out of Scorpio, and Mercury retrograde that it’s difficult to think about anything but these dynamic events. Not to forget the influence these events have on our daily lives. Having said that, we would also want to point out BlackFriday is lined up. Now for the fact that astrology has its effects on everything that we see and experience, it’s only plausible to consider that anything that happens in this month should also have a significant impact on the socio-economic scenario as well.

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Although there are multiple events taking place even as you read this article, in the black stretches far far away from here, there is one specific occurrence that is most talked about in the Astrology circles this month. And that event is the Full Moon, observed right on Black Friday.

Jupiter Transit in 2018


Jupiter is a benefic planet, one that is resposnible for a lots of significant changes in life. This year Jupiter is transiting into Scorpio hence, it's influence over every other zodiac sign is going to be massive. Read as we bring to you everything that you need to know about this major astrological event.

Born on The Cusp Know What is Your Zodiac Sign


If you are one of those people who is born on the cusp and often feel out of place while reading your daily horoscope, then no need to worry anymore or long for answers because we have come up with a detailed solution for your problem.

But if you still wondering what’s a cusp sign, then read further:

Cusp is an imaginary line demarcating different signs on the zodiac wheel, particularly the consecutive ones. Ascendants born on the date when the Sun is on that cusp line, are known as cusp signs. Since the entire concept is quite confusing, people belonging to these signs always find themselves right in between of a muddle, musing over which sign they should stick to.