How Your Horoscope Chart Can Help You To Find Your Path

How Your Horoscope Chart Can Help You To Find Your Path
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Date : 02 Jul, 2019

What is the purpose of my life? Where am I heading? Was I born to do what am doing now? Once in life, we all strive to know their answers. We seek a path where we can find meaning to our existence and feel content. Even if everything is perfect, we look for something that feels more fulfilling. But can Horoscope help us with this quest?

Yes, definitely! Horoscope readings can tell you what you are born with and what is the objective of your life. It is the blueprint that you can follow and get your way to make a difference. And, for this, you need not be a professional expert or astrologer. You can easily find it by generating your birth chart and looking at “houses” in which your sun sign falls.

Want to know how?

Read on and find out what is the mission of your life and how horoscope can help in discovering your true passion.

How To Find Your Life Purpose?

According to astrology, Horoscope is the birth chart that calculates the planetary positions at the time of your birth and shares deep insights with the help of houses and zodiac or sun signs.

There are 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs in a birth chart. The sign, you are born with, is your Sun Sign that rules your life and shapes your identity. It reveals your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and defines the motive for which you are brought on the earth. The houses, ruled by your sign, highlight the area where you can lead and express yourself with full vigor. Each house comprises a specific area and deals with a particular phase of your life. Through horoscope predictions, you may choose the perfect way where you need not kill your passion and look for inner peace.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

To find your purpose in life, firstly, you need your own astrology chart and know what your sun sign is and at what house its positions? This may help you to get clarity about the facts and share a quick understanding of what house you need to look for.

So, here, is the quick glance over all the 12 houses and what purpose they depict.

House 1

This is the house of your personality and yourself. It depicts your outer appearance and enables you to find the area where you can shine as an individual. If your house is house one, then you must prefer the area where you can lead and rule as an authoritative person. Driven with courage and assertiveness, the house speaks of choosing a career as a law officer, athlete and professional fighter.

House 2

This is the house of money and possession. If this house is strong, you may strive to accumulate possessions and think of new ways to develop your funds. You may invest and seek a career in real estate, investments or bankers. You may also become entertainer, designer, dancer or musician due to the artistic nature of the house.

House 3

The third house is the house of your intellect and communication. It speaks of your excellence as an orator, teacher, mentor, researcher, and travel guide. Thus, you must pursue a path where you may teach, write or express yourself better if this house is beneficial for you. You may also choose a career in technology or science to get contentment and wealth.

House 4

This is the house of family and nurturing spirit. It depicts your mission to nurture and serve others. It asks you to bond with family, children and build your nest of love. It gives your heart authority over mind, thus choose something where you can express your feelings and serve people such as acting, cooking, caretaking, psychology or teaching.

House 5

The fifth house is the house of intimacy and creativity. It tells you to be creative and lead people with passion and love. It is also a house of being impulsive and ready to take action. If your sun falls in House 5, you are born to be leaders, doctors, bureaucrats, entrepreneur or someone who aspires to be famous.

House 6

This the house of health and hard work. If this is your house, work hard and choose a path where you can serve and help others. Being pragmatic, you may share an effective solution and pursue a career as a doctor, nurse, medical officer, orator or any technical field. Good daily horoscope readings can help you to deal with the everyday crisis.

House 7

House 7 is for marriage, social relationships and arts. Derived by a fair spirit, your life purpose is to bring harmony and balance. You may choose your career in fashion, art, culture, and consultation. The 7th House gives you an exceptional quality to bond making you achieve great heights with careers of public relations.

House 8

This is the house of physical pleasure and transformation. It depicts your interest in the areas where you may transform your life in a more meaningful way. Under the influence of this house, you may feel driven with pleasure and have an interest in mystic ways. Thus, you must pursue a path like psychology, metaphysics, investigation, and yoga. You may feel content by reviving yourself every time.

House 9

This is the house of travel and education. The ninth house tells you to find out the truth and strengthen your intellect. It shares your life’s purpose to have an education that could develop you mentally and physically. You may thus choose a path where you could explore, travel and head on to adventures. You may see yourself as a leader, judge, civic leader, sea captain, teacher, or writer.

House 10

The Tenth house is of Career and Social Status. With this as your stronghold, you think of areas where you may gain pride, status, respect, and fame. You crave for a good social image and work on to choose a career like business, entrepreneur or leader. Your desire to serve people may also lead you to pursue a path of mutual profits for you and society.

House 11

House 11 is the house of hopes, friendships, and feelings. It tells you to choose your life path as a humanitarian, innovator, intellectual social thinker and mentor. You would feel happy to keep your friends closer and thus find your passion in groups, community, and social relations. Counselors, teachers, and advisors can be your preferred paths.

House 12

The twelfth house is the house of secrets and the subconscious. You may feel compassion for people, beauty and nature. The house depicts your true calling in spiritual and religious fields. The professions like religious leaders, fortune tellers or spiritual gurus may fascinate you. You may also seek your mission as doctors, designers, therapists, writers, and entertainers.


Your life purpose is the one thing that keeps you alive and satisfies your soul. Therefore, it is important you learn what you are born for and what is your true calling. You only live once. So, don’t waste your energy on things you don’t feel happy about. Know your horoscope or birth chart and explore the true meaning of your life.

Horoscope readings such as daily horoscope, monthly horoscope, and weekly horoscopes are your early help where you can get and guidance at every phase.

Choose wisely to live a life you may never regret!

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