How Moody Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Moody Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Date : 22 Aug, 2018

Let’s accept it, we are all a little deranged in our own goofy ways. Some can be awfully sedated most of the time while the others just can’t get out of a frenzy. People experience all kinds of emotions but what is it that makes one behave the way it does. Is it the surroundings, is it the ever-changing circumstances or is it just a psychological phenomenon. Well, all of it does sound plausible but one significant factor that we are apparently overlooking here is the zodiac sign. Horoscope, and the zodiac, in particular, plays a significant role in determining almost every life aspect, mood or the attitude is just one of them. So let’s find out how your Zodiac sign affects your mood swings:

Aries: Maybe due to the fact that you’re a bit dominating, you often lose your cool and end up in brawls. You need to get more patient and flexible because, at times, let others also have their say. However, one thing that may work in your favor is your ability to stay a mystery and not let people make out of what’s cooking in your mind.

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Taurus: You believe in living life to the extreme. For you people, there are only two modes - you’re either exceptionally composed or insanely harsh. You get upset really quick and that too on ridiculously insignificant matters, but the good thing here is you get back on happy ways just as quick. Interesting people indeed!

Gemini: You fellas are unpredictable and surprisingly, very adaptive of the changing environment. Maybe that’s why you always crave for some personal space because you need some time to soak it all in. You believe in using your mind more than listening to the heart. Unfortunately, it may make you come off as inconsiderate.

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Cancer: Cancers are very vulnerable, they get hurt quite easily. This may throw them into being introvert and at times even cutting them off from everyone.

Leo: These people are probably the most domineering individuals on the list. They take pride in taking the driver’s seat but if there is some resistance on offer, they often get uncomfortable. They might cut themselves socially, won’t return calls, and get into a shell for surprisingly long periods of time.

Virgo: You’re your own critic, and that’s why you fellas get irritated so often even when someone is making a valid point regarding your shortcomings. Soon, that instantaneous feeling to redeem yourself kicks in and it makes things even worse as you get more frustrated.

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Libra: You like to please people around you and make sure that you’re at your social best every time you step out in public. But slightest of criticism or even a simple evaluation of your behavior can put you off. Suddenly, you'll start behaving irrationally and act like a complete fool.

Scorpio: You people take things very seriously and are pretty passionate about what you do and how you behave. This attitude might not sustain itself in situations with despair or little hostility. You need to get relaxed and acceptable to criticism.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius are kind-hearted people and try to be at their best behavior in every situation. Unlike others, they struggle with being expressive of their anger and frustration. They hesitate to get back with an explanation and chose to suffer in silence. Learn to put your foot down Sags!

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Capricorn: Capricorn lays trust in other people and believes in reciprocating with the same degree of loyalty. But when they get cheated on, they won’t hold themselves back and would be brutal and fierce like a true #Earthsign. Don’t get carried away though as it may land you in some trouble.

Aquarius: You live life on your own terms and would go to any length to protect your freedom. This makes you unpredictable and challenging to get along with. People around you might find your attitude a little off-putting which might send a not so friendly vibe into the social surroundings.

Pisces: Pisces are generous and brutally honest, they follow their intuition and like to keep things real. Now, due to this idealistic approach towards literally everything, you people might find confrontation a little tough. You ain’t living in a dreamland and it’s important that you embrace the harsh realities of life.

So this is all about the mood of each zodiac. Find out how your mood is going to be today with Daily Horoscope predictions.

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