How Super Full Moon in Libra will Affect Our Lives

How Super Full Moon in Libra will Affect Our Lives
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Date : 14 Mar, 2019

The wait is over! The beautiful extravagant lunar event that is waited by all the stargazers and astrologers is again here.

2019 is going to witness its third and final Super Full Moon on March 21 at 01:42 GMT.

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The full moon of March is referred to as Full Worm Moon. The name has been derived from the ancient lunar calendar of Native American tribes. They have marked each full moon of the year according to the change in seasons.

The month of March marks the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. The Full Moon of this month signifies the beautiful story of nature when the earthworms emerge out of the soil and the Earth experiences re-birth.

What is Super Moon?

Supermoon has always been a matter of curiosity among millennials due to its mysterious effects over the earth and human beings. As per scientific definition, Supermoon occurs when the full moon comes within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth or can say within the range of 224.75 miles.

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In 2019, the moon will reside 221,681 miles away from earth which means the closest in the entire year.  

It is the luckiest time of the year when you may witness a moon 30% brighter and 14% larger than the usual full moon. Apart from the dazzling sky show, the Supermoon of 2019 is significant because it will fall in the Zodiac sign of Libra. This incredible alliance holds the power to change your lives and lead to some unexpected turn of events.

Let us take a look at how Supermoon will affect the various aspects of your life:


  • Super Full Moon in Libra is revealing the strong influence of Venus on relationships and love life. The Moon signifies the change in mood and emotions with time. The association is urging you to focus on family and friends. Love and support from your family will make you calm.

  • Things won’t be disguised anymore. The illumination of the Super moon will bring the hidden truths of love in the light. At this time, you need to analyze and make the choices that have the power to change your love life.

  • If you are single you may find the partner of your dreams. You will be attracted to people who will show affection and care to you. Venus is the God of beauty and is influencing you to view beauty in everyone around you.

Finance and Career

  • You may encounter numerous opportunities that will lead you to success.  With the brightest Supermoon, you will get the strength to handle the toughest of situations and bring positive changes in life.

  • The Moon represents instability. You may not be able to enjoy success for a long time. You would require a strong determination and organized planning to sustain your success.

  • It is time to focus on new financial commitments. You are brimming with self-confidence and will get the support of your co-workers in every task.

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The shine of Supermoon is allowing you to feel the power and light that may open the doors of fortune to you. Let this light shine straight through your soul and fill your life with magic and colors.


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