Jupiter Transit in 2018

Jupiter Transit in 2018
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Date : 11 Oct, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Jupiter Transit In Scorpio in 2018

What Is Jupiter Transit?

Jupiter has a tremendous significance in both Astrology and Astronomy. Its position and transits are believed to have a great impact on people’s lives. In fact, in some primitive Astrological practices, Jupiter is considered as the master of all the other planetary bodies that are present in the entire solar system. How cool is that, a planet that rules all the other planets!

Jupiter signifies knowledge, intellectual acquisition, and one’s relationship with the elderly. Jupiter in the right place would mean you would enjoy wisdom, a great career, and a healthy equation with your parents and teachers. Now, if you're wondering wondering how Jupiter in your birth Chart can influence your life, then read further.

When Is Jupiter Transit in 2018?

This year on October 11 at 7:20 pm, Jupiter will be transiting in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This cosmic event is going to trigger some big changes for this sign especially in terms of finance, health, and marriage.

How Long Jupiter Transit in Scorpio?

Jupiter’s stay in Scorpio stretches from October this year to March 2019. let’s find out how this astrological event is going to influence every other sign on the zodiac wheel.

What Are Jupiter Transit Predictions for Each Zodiac?

For Aries: This transit may not be very helpful for the Rams. There’ll be a lot of obstacles in their every life aspect during this phase. Luck seems off the track and unexpected health issues may come up. Matters of legal importance would be quite prominent and you might get a chance to travel abroad.

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For Taurus: Jupiter rules Taurus and during this phase, it would be in the 8th house, making you circumspect about your decisions. A significant business loss can be expected from this transit, especially those who have started something new. You might get a little edgy during this phase so try to stay at your best behavior.

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For Gemini: This transit pushes Jupiter into the 6th house for Gemini which clearly is a good sign for your career and marriage. Long and exhausting business journeys can be expected as a certain outcome of this event. Poor health of a particular family member might keep you busy this entire time. Try and spend as much time with your loved ones as you can.

For Cancer: If you are married, get ready for a difficult phase that is about to begin for you with this transit. Travel to religious destinations and pilgrimage could be a strong possibility. Problems in personal life can hamper your career growth so you better look after it. Increased monthly expenses and diminishing income can worsen the situation.

For Leo: Jupiter is in almost all the even numbered houses except the second. Be prepared for married life troubles and misunderstandings with your partner. Avoid any type of irregularity in your daily routine. Career is one aspect this transit is going to influence the most, in a good way of course. Frequent health issues are going to make it difficult for you in the upcoming days.

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For Virgo: New purchases will be the highlight of the next few months for you. Good things will be happening in your married life, you’ll certainly feel a lot closer to your partner. New business partnerships and bigger investments can be expected. Your social status will be on the rise and you’ll get to meet more and more people. Socially active and financially stable, that’s where you are going to find yourself during this phase.

For Libra: Jupiter transit is going to bring in lots of good news for you and ultimately, it will make your life all the more pleasant and peaceful. You’ll gain fame and prosperity along with good health, and personal life would be all sorted. This is turning out to be a surreal time for you. Make the most of this phase.

For Scorpio: This year and the one that’s coming right up is going to be absolutely outstanding for you. Be it work, or home, you’ll be having the time of your life. Progress in the matters of love is better than ever. Health will keep you upbeat. Making plans for the future will be beneficial.

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For Sagittarius: This transit will be a life-changing phase for Sagittarians. You could experience a certain shift in your personality. Either you’ll get more composed and collective, or you would be extremely agitated. Past memories will flash in front of your eyes bringing a message from the future. This little transit period will bring along a lot of unusual changes in your life.

For Capricorn: Capricorns will be endowed with a lot of added responsibilities. A certain good news from your siblings is on the cards. Unwanted expenses may jostle your financial stability later this year. You will have plenty of new opportunities in your career and would form new professional alliances. Look after your health.

For Aquarius: Jupiter transit in Scorpio is a great event for the Aquarians in terms of social status and professional growth. However, on the business front, you need to stay extra careful. You may feel inclined towards spirituality. There couldn’t be a better time to resolve love life problems.

For Pisces: Jupiter transit will bring you better career prospects, and new business opportunities. You’ll be traveling a lot more, interacting with much-accomplished people, and widening your professional network. You’ll be supportive of the people around you and would definitely experience a rise in your social stature. Jupiter blesses you with a happy married life.

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