Understanding The Master Numbers in Numerology

Discover the power of Master Numbers!
Author : Stacy

Date : 23 Aug, 2019

Understanding The Master Numbers in Numerology

Numbers are everywhere. Right from our date and time of birth to our name, numbers are connected to us in a lot of forms. We track time, date, month, and year by numbers. Our monetary transactions are based on numbers. Just think how much these numbers surround us!

Let's decode the numbers and their impact on us today. But first thing first. Let's know what is numerology, what are these numerology numbers and understand about the power of master numbers

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is a science based on numbers. Do you know what it does? It gives insight into significant life happenings and an individual’s inherent personality. Each number has specific effects on our life. From 0-9, every number provides accurate information. Single-digit number unfolds the hidden messages of life.

Numerology is based on this single and double-digit numbers. The special numbers of your life are derived from your name and birth date which further adds to the significance of these numbers. 

Types Of Numerology Numbers 

There are several forms of Numerology numbers and the most significant of them include Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number. In Numerology calculations, usually, every double-digit number is reduced to a single digit. However, there are some special numbers which are not. These are the main master numbers. Let’s know a little bit about them. 

Special Significance Of Master Numbers

Numerology is much more than single-digit numbers 0-9. There are double-digit numbers too! 11, 22, 33, 44, 55,66,77,88, and 99 are such double-digit numbers. Just like the single-digit number, double digits also hold quintessential significance. 

But 11, 22, and 33 among them are the Master Number owing to the power they possess. They have drawn the attention of numerology experts since ages! These numbers have magical powers and can affect our lives significantly. And these three numbers are known as' Master Numbers."

Numerology and master numbers are complicated to understand. These are the essential tools that can help us understand ourselves better. People born on these days or associated with these numbers possess unique potential. Let's unfold what are master numbers why they are so unique and what impact they bring in our life.

 What makes master numbers so special?

 When a master number come in your Numerology chart as any numerology number, it indicates profound things. Anytime when master numbers appear in your chart or even you see visuals of these numbers, they are trying to reveal something.

 Let's see what secret these numbers possess. And why they are the main master numbers. The universe works in harmony, where every little atom is connected. Numbers of our birth time and date of birth are attached to our life path, and their vibrations and special powers reflect in our life too.

That's why people having these numbers in the birth chart or by any means attached with these numbers possess immense potential.

These numbers are Universal agents and so powerful that it can convey the message by visual appearance too! Some people repeatedly see these numbers on tickets, bills, coupons, magazines, or even the random visuals! Sometimes they see lucid dreams and master numbers appear in it.

 This is the way of the universe to communicate with you. A person may have such visuals or dreams when they are stuck in life problems, and the Universe wants to guide them. Each number carries a specific message.

Now let's see how to decode this universal number language, and what is the individual message or power each number carry! Let's understand the strength of each master number one by one.


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Master number 11

 Master Number 11- The Healer

Blessings of number 11

Main master number 11 is your intuition angel! It indicates your gut feeling and the thoughts that rule your subconscious. It says you are in a stage that, now you must listen to your inner wisdom. Your instinct is really powerful and it will always guide you in the right direction. This number brings possibilities and favorable conditions for your growth as a positive trait. You need to be determined and dedicated to your goal.


Number 11 is a dichotomy number, meaning it is the best catalyst to harvest your dreams and desires but the lethal tool at the same time. Do you know how? It will put you in anxiety and depression if misused.

If the power attached to this number is not used, or not understood, it will create a mental mess. When you have a main master number 11 in your chart, be extremely focused on your life goals and let your intuition be your guide. 

Master number 22

Master Number 22- The Master Builder

Blessings of number 22 

Master number 22 is known as a master builder. It has immense power to turn your biggest dreams into reality. This number has all the skills of master number 11. And assured chances of success is the icing on the cake!

When a person is capable of channelizing the energy and potential of this number in the right direction, they often achieve so big that they become a well-known celebrity.


It represents people with lofty dreams and grandiose thinking. It transfers immense energy and helps you to achieve your goals. The overachievers or workaholic people often have number 22 in their chart.

Unfortunately, people with number 22 are not practical. They often waste time and energy in daydreaming. This number tells you to fulfill your life goals through hard work and rational mindset.

Don't be so stressed about your work, Ease up! If needed, take a break, but don't lose direction!

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Master number 33

Master Number 33 The Mover & Shaker

Blessings of number 33: Combining the dynamism of master number 11 and 22, master number 33 is now putting you on another orbit! Numerology master number 33 is nothing about personal goals and desires.

It represents people who work on humanitarian issues. When someone uses the full potential of this number, he/she achieve extraordinary fame by serving society. Often these people are significant politicians, Scientists, or dedicated social workers. And by fully utilizing master number 33's energy, they can shake up the entire social system. 


Who can hold extreme potential and supernatural insights? Only rare, who are full of knowledge, wisdom, and kind heart! This number is gifted to very few who truly deserve efficacy.

This number brings the danger of being fame lover or money seeker for personal desires. People may completely forget the bigger goals and be confused with material things.

Numerology and master numbers are agents to help you with your life purpose. And the life purpose of master number 33 is to help humanity. They must stick to their goal with an unwavering single focused mind.

So that was all the buzzing mystery of Numerology master numbers. Associating it with Tarot science will make them Tarot master numbers! Numerology and master numbers give accurate life directions.

Check out if you have any of these numbers in your chart with a free numerology calculator. 

Tap into these number's potential! And harvest your goals effectively!

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