What Does The New Moon Bring You This December

What Does The New Moon Bring You This December
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Date : 29 Nov, 2018

Mercury elongation, Geminids meteor shower, Ursids meteor shower, and December solstice, are only a few amongst many Astronomical events taking place this month. We may not realize but there’s a lot happening out up there in the endless dark stretches. And let's face it, either it’s a meteor shower, stars crashing into each other, or regular planetary retrogrades, these cosmological events have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Now here, we may not talk about one of such spectacular event but we definitely have managed to crack up your mood for some Astrology stuff.

As mentioned, December is an eventful month in terms of Astrology, and one such event that is going to be significant this December is New Moon. Now you would be thinking what could have possibly made this month’s New Moon so special as it occurs once after every thirty days, then you must read this article.

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Here’s a complete account of how this month’s New Moon would be influencing you. Take a look…

  • Redefining Your Limits

Astrologers consider new Moon a good omen which can be well attributed to the fact that it represents the brightest day of the lunar cycle and occurs after constantly changing phases between darkness and light. This whole idea seems to have a certain philosophical bent to it but even scientifically and astronomically, the day of New Moon kind of acts as a catalyst for the zodiacs. And since December 2018’s new Moon is the first since Jupiter moved into Sagittarius, you can expect it to be extra special in terms of enhanced capabilities, fruitful opportunities, and luck.

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You see, Sagittarius is the planet that is believed to be the significator of travel, personal growth, and excitement. It is considered a fearless zodiac sign. One that is capable of discovering new limits through its need to understand the real purpose of life. So this moon is going to endow upon you the capabilities to expand your horizon as an individual at home, at work, and at every significant aspect of life that ensures you moving forward. You’d be able to unlock your potential!

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  • Stride With Passion

Two planetary bodies namely Mars and Pluto are merging into each other this month which sends you into an overdrive to realizing newer paths to follow. Something that you normally won’t do. Mars represents our fearless and active side whereas Neptune connects the inner knowledge to intuition. Interesting mix of planets and qualities there as this New Moon inspires you to decode the mysteries of the unknown and foresee the results.

This can be understood by a simple interpretation of this scenario which states you’d be able to follow your passion without hesitation. So if you are looking to switch your field of study all of a sudden, then December could be the month for you. Or it could make you go down the spiritual path in a trice. By the end of it all, you’d be curled up with one of your passion or something that you always wanted to do.

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This #NewMoon will also help you realize that your experience on Earth is measured by the variety of places you have explored. This exploration may not have a literal significance in your context as the journey you would be embarking upon would be more about discovering the different sides of your personality.

  • Cause and Effect 

Different natal charts have a different impact by the new Moon on them but one thing is going to be sure - karma and fate prevailing through life. This is mainly because Mercury, a planet that rules mind, perspective, and one’s ability to perceive reality is slowly moving into Scorpio. The New Moon will be at a point within the chart that lights up the area representing the so-called cause and effect zone. Plus there is a pretty strong chance that you might experience a troubling time in your life which we think could well be the result of your actions and part of your destiny.

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The North Node during this event falls on the very emotional, nurturing and sensitive Cancer. This refers to a comfortable home environment. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to stay same forever, you have to work hard. For that, Mercury will guide you onto a greater life path where you’d be able to restore peace in your life.

Well, there’ll be a lot of things happening in your life this month so here's wishing you all the luck in the world and may this New Moon brightens your world with happiness and success.

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