What Is Your Lucky Color As Per Your Zodiac Sign in 2019

Lucky Color 2019 For Your Zodiac Sign
Author : Stacy

Date : 22 Aug, 2019

We all have one favorite color, the love of which is reflected in everything that surrounds us. But, do you know about Zodiac lucky colors? We all have a lucky color as per our Zodiac sign which somehow matches with our energy and is in sync with our personality.

Colors make us feel comfortable and uplift our mood! Colors do have energy in them, and they can make you confident and empower you with enthusiasm. Imagine that you are in a forest and suddenly it gets dark! How would you feel? You will start to feel anxious! Right? Now imagine that you are in the same forest and it is morning time! The greenery and serene atmosphere will light up your mood and make you happy! 

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Astrology can help you to find the lucky color as per the zodiac, and you can incorporate these colors in your daily life. Read on to find the lucky color for 2019 for all sun signs:-

  1. Aries


Favorable - Red, Yellow, White

Unfavorable- Green, Black, Blue 

This zodiac sign is passionate to the core. Being a fire sign, they are known for taking the initiative and exhibit immense energy! The red color compliments these traits as it is the shade that is associated with the infectious zeal for life and active attitude. Apart from red, yellow and white are also considered to be lucky for Aries. Also, Mars is the planet that rules this zodiac sign, and its color is also red. Hence, for Aries, it is better if they use red color in their routine life. Moreover, these people should refrain from using green, black, and blue color. 

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  1. Taurus


Favorable - Green, White, Pink

Unfavorable- Red, Yellow 

It is a very high spirited zodiac but quite calm at the same time. They are always looking for continuous growth but are connected to the roots as well. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is an Earth sign. Hence fresh green color compliments these traits of Taurus. Also, white and pink colors are also considered to be lucky colors as per the zodiac for Taurus. They should keep the use of red and yellow colors to the minimum in their life. 

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  1. Gemini 


Favorable - Yellow, Green, White, Pink

Unfavorable- Red, Blue 

Gemini is again a zodiac which is very upbeat and exciting in nature. Hence yellow color is the most suitable for them. This bright shade lifts up the mood and spirit of Gemini and motivates them to be curious and come up with some innovative thoughts. The yellow color is similar to the color of the Sun and tends to brighten and light up the environment. Yellow is also considered to boost mental agility and concentration power for the Geminis as these people have a dual nature and constantly need focus. Apart from yellow, green, white and pink are also considered the lucky colors as per the zodiac for Gemini. Unfavorable colors are red and blue

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  1. Cancer


Favorable - Grey, Cream, Silver, White

Unfavorable- All Dark Shades 

The ruling sign of Cancer is the Moon, and hence grey, cream, silver & white are considered to be lucky for them. These zodiac lucky colors enhance their intuition power and give a clear state of mind. Such light colors also complement their sensitive, emotional and homely side. Cancerians should refrain from using dark colors.

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  1. Leo


Favorable - Gold, Orange, Purple

Unfavorable- All Pale Colors

Leos are blessed with a very optimistic spirit, and using gold color can boost their vivacious energy. Also, Gold color invokes more warmth, and it is considered to be a symbol of prestige and strength and hence complements the personality of Leo. Orange and sharp purple care also considered to be the lucky colors as per the zodiac for Leo. On the flip side, pale colors do not suit their temperament. 

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  1. Virgo 


Favorable - Green, Natural Brown, Blue

Unfavorable- Red

Virgos are considered to be the perfectionist among all Zodiac signs. They are careful, and the follower of the systematic approach in every activity that they pursue. Hence, green & natural & classic brown, and blue are the zodiac lucky colors that suit their temperament, keep them humble and allows them to concentrate on ongoing growth. Green is the symbol of growth and boosts the quest of the Virgo in continuous development. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury and should refrain from using the color red.

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  1. Libra


Favorable - Light Blue, Light Pink

Unfavorable- Red

They are considered to be a very affectionate and sweet in nature, and hence light blue & airy pink colors work wonders in opening up the heart of the Libra. These colors also soften the amiable nature of Libra and make their personality more likable and calm. These people should refrain from using red color.

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  1. Scorpio


Favorable - Black

Unfavorable- Green, Yellow

Black color suits the intense inquisitive nature of a Scorpio, which is mysterious and dark. Also, the black color is the symbol of looking beyond the depths and being curious. In the western countries, Black color is considered to be the symbol of rebirth after death and hence in case of Scorpions, the black color allows them to transform themselves and let go of the negative things from their lives. Scorpios should use the color green and yellow to the minimum. 


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  1. Sagittarius


Favorable - Lush Purple

Unfavorable- Blue

Sagittarius are considered to be a bit philosophical in nature and lush purple color suits their temperament. This color is considered to be the symbol of awareness and spirituality and motivates the Sagittarius towards gaining enlightenment. Purple color is also considered to be a symbol of prosperity and hence pushes Sagittarius to explore their horizons in diverse fields through optimism and luck by their side. They should refrain from blue color though!


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  1. Capricorn


Favorable - Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Purple

Unfavorable- Yellow, Red

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn. The lucky colors as per the zodiac for the Capricorn are black, dark brown, dark green and purple. These colors assist the Capricorns to act practically and take better decisions. These colors boost the reliability, traditional attitude, and robustness in Capricorns. They also become more conservative and follow an easy to go approach towards life. This zodiac should not use yellow and red color.


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  1. Aquarius


Favorable - Turquoise

Unfavorable- Green, Dark Blue

They are blessed with infectious energy and innovative ideas. Turquoise is their lucky color This calming blue color is the symbol of water & sky, so this color is the symbol of smooth conversation, vastness, the natural flow of ideas, and experimenting. Green and dark blue are not considered appropriate for the Aquarius. 

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  1. Pisces


Favorable - Light Green 

Unfavorable- Green, Dark Blue

Light green is considered to be the lucky color for Pisces because it is the symbol of inspiration, bouncing back from setbacks, healing and the energies that rejuvenate. By using these colors, Pisces can make a connection with their subconscious mind. Pisces should not use black or any other dark color.


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Hence, the colors play an important role in our day to day life, and hence, we all should use appropriate colors as per the zodiac sign to make our lives blissful! Read in detail about the lucky color for 2019 for all sun signs and you can use them accordingly.

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