Signs of Psychic Ability In Your Birth Chart

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Date : 20 Jul, 2023

Do you ever simply know something without being able to explain how you know it? You can't pinpoint, but there is a profound sense of knowledge and comprehension that you are aware of. Whatever you choose to call it—intuition, sensitivity, psychic awareness, or empathy—it exists in some and not in others.

It may either be a benefit or a burden to be able to take in and understand the environment via an intuitive lens. Your sensitivity can help you form strong connections with people and with yourself, but it can also make you more susceptible to having false imaginations or experiencing intense, painful emotions.

Your Birth Chart's planetary alignments or aspects may show which of these types of enhanced intuition you possess. Continue reading and check your own chart to discover whether any of these positions correspond to YOU!

Sun quincunx Neptune

You have a tendency to be highly impressionable and psychically open, and from a younger age, you may have been controlled by stronger personalities. Your heightened sensitivity to your surroundings is likely to provide you with difficulties in other areas as well. You are likely to be more affected than most people by pollutants, ugly things, or discord of any kind.

Moon sextile Neptune

People who are kind, sensitive, peaceful, artistically or spiritually oriented prefer to surround you, and there is a significant component of reciprocal compassion and sympathy in your personal interactions. You have a natural ability to telepathically tune into the emotional states and worlds of others. This kind of psychic connection may exist between you and your mother, sisters, or female pals in particular.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

You are sensitive to nuances and possess psychic or intuitive talents, however occasionally you may mistake perception for fiction. You have a strong tendency towards mysticism and idealism and find it difficult to focus on everyday tasks. You have a keen interest in matters of the spirit and the metaphysical.

Mercury sextile Neptune

You have a talent for creating poetry, fiction, or fantasy because you are imaginative, perceptive, and creative in your thoughts. Additionally, you naturally have an interest in spiritual and otherworldly aspects of life, and you may write or talk about these topics. You might very easily develop a natural propensity for clairvoyance.

Mercury opposite Neptune

Your thoughts are intuitive, creative, vivid, and heavily affected by images or fantasy. There are times when you can sense things that other people cannot, such as the "aura" of a location or a person, yet at the same time it appears that you are blind to and/or ignore things that are obviously clear to others. Your propensity to project your desires, aspirations, and dreams onto other people or an external circumstance means that you frequently fail to notice what is truly there.

Uranus sextile Neptune

You don't have to put forth a lot of effort to enter altered states of consciousness or have psychic experiences. You are a member of a community of idealistic, independent thinkers who will improve the spiritual development of all people.

Neptune in the 12th House

You are a natural "psychic," or capable of detecting and comprehending a lot about an individual without knowing or speaking to them consciously at all. You are compassionate and incredibly sensitive to the emotional tones in the atmosphere surrounding you. You have a keen interest in the unexplored areas of life and death. It's also possible for your strong sensitivity to be dormant or suppressed for a large portion of your life before becoming fully awakened in maturity.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

You have an extremely great sensitivity to the invisible or nonphysical world. Your motivation and aspirations in life are therefore likely to be influenced by your mystical or intuitive sensitivity, subtle awareness, and drive. Your work may also need you to use your creativity, imagination, and ability to imagine. You possess the power to direct messages of healing or inspiration.

Neptune square Ascendant

Due to your high sensitivity to the surrounding impressions and energy, you occasionally run the risk of being subdued or overpowered by stronger personalities. You should practice setting up boundaries since you have a tendency to become emotionally and/or psychically entangled with everyone you get close to. The ability to appear to change into the group or individual you are with the most may be a chameleon quality of yours.

Neptune trine Ascendant

People in need are drawn to you because of the air of universal pity, tenderness, and uncritical acceptance you exude. You're able to say or do the proper thing for them because you have a lot of intuitive insight or psychic perceptiveness. However, you must be careful not to encourage reliance on those individuals.

Pluto in the 12th House

Secrets, the subconscious or underworld, as well as everything strange and concealed, deeply intrigues you. You are particularly interested in psychoanalysis, dream analysis, and other techniques of learning secrets. You could have excellent clairvoyance, intuition, or psychic abilities. Your emotions and subconscious energies are intricate, and over your lifetime, you will likely experience several transformations and personal crises.


You may find information about your psychic skills in your astrological chart. Your natal chart may help you understand how your abilities come into play and what areas can benefit from further focus. Your Birth Chart contains signs, symbols, and placements that can help you better comprehend who you are and the world around you.

Using specialized methods and divination equipment like pendulums, crystals, or tarot cards can help you develop your intuition and receive messages from the spiritual world. Another fantastic strategy to develop your abilities and increase your psychic ability is to enroll in seminars or workshops where you may discover new methods. Incorporating routines like writing and meditation will also help you get deeper access to your subconscious mind. Energy healing techniques like reiki or sound therapy can help raise vibration and open the door to greater self-awareness.

Find out if you have these indicators by looking at your Birth Chart reading!

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