How Is Friendship Day Celebrated All Over the World?

Friendship Day- History, Significance & Celebrations
Author : Stacy

Date : 30 Jul, 2019

‘Happy Friendship Day’ - a wish that has lots of emotions, feelings, love, and joy associated with it. This day holds immense importance for people of all age groups in all parts of the world. 

Remember the friendship of Pooh and his friends or Simba, Pumba and Timon! We all loved these characters and one of the reasons was the bond that they shared and the camaraderie between them. 

As we all look forward to celebrating friendship day 2019 on 4th August with our best pals, let’s go down the memory lane and find out how these celebrations began in the first place. 

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How Did This Celebration Begin?

First thing, first! Let's begin this trip with a brief history of friendship day. In 1930 Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc introduced the concept of friendship day. But sadly, people thought it's just a marketing gimmick to sell greeting cards and the idea stopped there only! 

Then in 1935, The United State Congress decided to celebrate friendship day every year on the first Sunday of August. Friendship day in the USA became very popular and from then on the celebration of this day became an annual event!  

Soon the idea of friendship day celebration became catchy. And many other countries also started this celebration. Now all over the world, people celebrate the first Sunday of August as World Friendship Day. 

Seeing the popularity of this day in 1997, The United Nations thought to select a character as the world's Ambassador of Friendship. And the famous Winnie -The Pooh became World's Ambassador of Friendship.

Why is Friendship Day Celebrated?

We are the fastest generation this Earth has witnessed! We are always in a rush. Kids are running for schools and projects; teenagers are active in study and career and the rest of the people are working in a job or business day and night.

In so much hustle, we need something or someone to hold on in life. Something that can make us smile against all the worries of life. And, here comes the need of a friend.

Friends are the only place where happiness is assured. The single bond people chase today is friendship! With friends, we can share anything and everything without the fear of getting judged. True friendship is like the life jacket in these risky waves of life!

We love our friends more than anything. But as they say, love needs to be expressed! We celebrate this day as a token of affection! It is the day when we express our love and affection towards our friends and tell them how much we value them and their friendship in our lives.

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Friendship Day Celebrations Across The World 

How is Friendship Day celebrated?

Now, as we know the significance of this day, let us take a look at how people in different parts of the world make this day all the more special. 

Friendship Day in the USA 

As we saw earlier, the US celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August. People exchange friendship day gifts and meet and greet their friends on this occasion. It is a day for all the friends to get together and enjoy their time to the fullest. 

Friendship Day in India

We all know India celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. India has many good examples of friendship. People enjoy this day with gifts and cards. Friends arrange the party, outing, and movie plans to honor this day. Kids get colorful friendship bands for their friends and tie it on their wrists as their token of love and affection. 

Bhutan, Indonesia, and many Asian countries celebrate this day just like India.

Friendship Day in Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay

Argentina, Uruguay, and Spain celebrate this day on 20 July. This day is so popular in Argentina that in 2005, the mobile phone network broke down due to the massive number of messages and calls on this day. Young people get together and enjoy this day with full of zest.

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Friendship Day in Paraguay

Paraguay celebrates this day on 30th July every year. And they play an exciting game on this day named as AMIGO INVISIBLE.

It is a tradition to play this game even at schools and workplaces. In this game, the group of friends picks little chits. This need to be done secretly. On each chit, there is the name of a friend written on it. Each person will select one chit. And on 30th July they give gifts to the person, whose name is on the same! 

Friendship Day in Finland

Finland observes Friendship Day on the 14th of February. Since it is Valentine's day also, people are double excited for the celebration. Seats in Bars and Restaurants are booked before a week to enjoy this day with sumptuous food and with the company of friends. 

Friendship Day in Peru

Peru also observes this day on 14th February. Peruvian people have their unique thoughts about love. They think everybody deserves love and friendship, so they celebrate Valentine and Friendship day on the same day! On this occasion, people are super excited to meet their friends. They exchange gifts, flowers, and greeting cards.

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So, what is your plan for Friendship Day this year? Let us know in the comment box below.

Wishing you all HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 2019!

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