What Do the Zodiac Signs Reveal about your Fear of Falling in Love

What Do the Zodiac Signs Reveal about your Fear of Falling in Love
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Date : 01 Apr, 2019

We all dream of a perfect partner, the one who loves us dearly. There is a strong desire in each of us to get the love that could fill our lives with laughter and joy.

But still, there is something that keeps us away from finding and accepting the love we say we want. No matter how strongly we need it, there are some factors that hold us back.  

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If someone questions us on love, we justify with responses like we don’t want to make commitments, we hate to be bound, we need security, or we fear to get hurt.

But answers are always complex and it's hard to understand why the relationship fails for a specific person and why two people who are meant to be together part ways. However, one thing is certain, it is all written in the stars.

And this is why we often check our love horoscope predictions to find out how our love life is going to be.

People from different Zodiac Signs perceive love in a different way and fear it for a different reason. Let us take a look over the reason behind the fear of love, based on your zodiac sign.


You are free-spirited individuals who hate to be bound. You like the idea of being in love but are scared to compromise your freedom and desires in the relationship. Thoughts of losing liberty freaks you out and often causes you to fall out of relationships quickly. Being open to someone is not easy for you. Fear of rejection and judgment holds you back from sharing your true feelings to your partner.

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Taurus, you are stubborn when it comes to making changes to your comfort zone. You never like people who try to make changes in your set walls. Due to this, you are often mistaken as a ruthless individual who cannot make serious commitments. You hate to rely on others for your happiness because deep in mind you fear that people will leave you alone no matter how strong you try to keep them in your life. Getting close and then going apart makes love hard for you.

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Unpredictable is the word that defines you, Gemini. There is always a constant change of thoughts in your mind and its hard for you to decide what you desire. You fear to be confined to a place or person and always want to keep your options open. Your curious nature always keeps you drooling over new people and it becomes hard to decide who is perfect for you. There is strong chaos in your heart that keeps you away from living a stable love life.

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There is nothing that can keep you out of love, Cancer; despite your insecurities of past. You are the most affectionate zodiac that knows how to care and love your partner. The only thing that restricts you is your past. You are afraid of getting hurt in the same way you got hurt in your past relationship. For you, love is that fairy tale relationship which is hard to find in real life.

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Leo, you are the perfect lovers who can go to any extent to prove your love. You know how to cherish the feeling of romance but still, it’s tough for you to fall in love. Disappointment sacres you. You are afraid that you will not find someone who could meet the high standards of love that you have set in your mind. The thoughts of the pain of separation are sufficient to create a chill in your soul.

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Virgos build a protected wall around them so that no one could see what is in their heart. You are harsh to your flaws and think that people won’t accept the way you are. These thoughts don’t allow you to trust and keep you away from feeling the magic of love. You are afraid that someone will know your weakness and leave you due to your flaws. Your inferiority complex is the reason why you could not admire the love your partner has for you.

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You dream of true love and seek a compatible partner who could satisfy your emotional needs. The kind of love you dream keeps you away from the commitments that don’t show mental compatibility. You love your peace so much that you prefer to be alone rather than being in a messy relationship.

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It is hard for you to trust someone. You like honesty in emotional matters and expect the same with people around but inside you are afraid to show your true self. You remain secretive and don’t open up that easily to your partner. You fear that people may take unwanted advantage after knowing your truths and will abandon you later. The fear of betrayal is so deep in your heart that it makes you fall out of a good relationship and don’t allow you to commit for long.

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Sagittarius, you are adventurous and love life of fun and freedom. You want your love life to be an adventurous ride which brings new surprises. Anything that falls short of this doesn’t interest you a lot. You fear to be in a monotonous relationship and don’t want your life to stick to boredom. Settling for less than what you deserve is not your way. You hate being chained and hate to settle in a relation which doesn't offer anything new every day.

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You are realistic and want everything under control in your life. You want a systematic life and don’t want someone to mess it up for the sake of love. For you, success is essential in love matters and getting into relationship induces your fear of failure. If you are in love, you want it to be there for long. Failing in love and loss of interest by someone scares you a lot. You are afraid of depending on someone who could leave anytime in a relationship and that is the reason you fear getting into a relationship.

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You are a loyal and free soul, Aquarius. You believe in sharing mutual respect, freedom and equal opportunities in love but fear that you won’t get the same in return. Ending up in pain is not your way to feel love. You want to keep your individuality and prefer guarding your soul for the one who understands it. In your experience, it is hard to find such person who can value your thought of freedom and individuality.

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Pisces, you are hopelessly romantic and want a fairy tale kind of a relationship. You seek an intimate love partner but the fear of disappointment always makes you pause and think twice before you accept someone in your life.  Heartbreak is your biggest nightmare when dealing with a love affair. You know that it would be hard for you to leave the emotional attachment with someone and move on with your life again.

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No relationship is devoid of challenges. In order to make it successful, you have to let these minor fears go. If there is true love then there is nothing that can affect your relationship. To deal with day to day problems, you can always take advice from Free Daily Horoscope.  

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