Feng Shui Remedies For a Happy Married Life


There is a popular notion regarding marriage - it is the most beautiful bond between two people which can even transcend imagination. That’s true, but when you peek behind the curtain and seek reality, you’ll find an immeasurable degree of sacrifices and efforts that go into making a successful marriage.

If you’re married or planning to get married, then there is one important lesson that you should always keep in mind. It states, marriage is a full-time job and you need to be working constantly to make it successful. However, on the way, you can stumble upon some roadblocks that can certainly throw you off track but you need to stay resolute and be tireless with your efforts.

How Accurate is Horoscope Regarding Marriages


You don’t fall in love every day, and getting married to someone happens even rarely. But do you know, that both these life events can be predicted through your Horoscope or natal chart?

Astrology Prediction and birth chart readings have always been under the scanner for no significant reason. Some believe, Astrology is nothing but an illusion, and few think it’s dead accurate. Its integrity has always been debatable.