Feng Shui Remedies For a Happy Married Life

Feng Shui Remedies For a Happy Married Life
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Date : 21 Aug, 2018

There is a popular notion regarding marriage - it is the most beautiful bond between two people which can even transcend imagination. That’s true, but when you peek behind the curtain and seek reality, you’ll find an immeasurable degree of sacrifices and efforts that go into making a successful marriage.

If you’re married or planning to get married, then there is one important lesson that you should always keep in mind. It states, marriage is a full-time job and you need to be working constantly to make it successful. However, on the way, you can stumble upon some roadblocks that can certainly throw you off track but you need to stay resolute and be tireless with your efforts.

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But how would you feel, if we say you can keep all the troubles at bay and enjoy the wonderful perks of being happily married? It sounds unreal, doesn’t it? But the truth is, you can actually make it happen by the wonderful practice that is Feng Shui.

Now, what is Feng Shui?, as you might know, is a popular Chinese technique that utilizes energies present in the nature to establish harmony and peace in the surroundings.

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Meanwhile, here are a few quick Feng Shui remedies that can help you live a happy married life:

  • It is believed, "women represent Venus and men belong to Mars". No surprise there as to why these two opposite genders happen to cross each other’s paths. Therefore, conversations can be critical in cementing trust and building a sense of understanding between the two. So as per Feng Shui principles, a relationship can do well only by the virtue of crystal-clear communication. Hanging crystal balls or placing objects with crystal surfaces in the living room and in the bedroom can add to great communication between you and your partner.
  • Another quick and easy Feng Shui Bedroom trick is to clean your bedroom and make it as cozy as possible. You must keep your house clean anyway but in this context, it refers to getting rid of all things that remind you of your past. Stuff like photographs of deceased family members or artifacts from previous relationships should be removed straight away. In fact, anything that is a reminiscence of the dreadful past must be removed from the bedroom. Feng Shui believes it’s a source of negative energy and by eliminating them out of your room, you are actually making way for positivity to enter into your married life.
  • The south-west direction of your home is the mystic abode of love, romance, and happiness in your marriage. So try and keep this corner of your house clean, glowing, untangled, and beautifully lit with lamps and other decorative lightings. This will inject passion into your married life, and as a result, you would will feel closer to your partner. It’s also the corner which belongs to positive energy and by making it look all dressed up, you’re inviting good health, peace, and beauty into your homes.
  • Lately, if you are having a lot of conflicts with your spouse and can’t find a reasonable explanation as to why you two are getting at each other, then do this. Introduce Feng-Shui into your home. Meaning, you must place positive Feng-Shui symbols like photographs of scenic landscapes, bird portraits, etc. Remember to place everything in the pair though. This way you’ll be restoring harmony in your marriage and there’ll be a burst of positive energy into your homes. Also, pairing up similar objects work as a symbol of balance and consonance between two individuals.
  • The active areas of your house such as living room, dining, and especially the bedroom, must have pictures of you and your partner. This will keep your mind off all the troubles in the outside world and constantly remind you of the wonderful and loving individual that you have in your spouse. In addition, Feng Shui colors play an equally important role in this practice. So in order to enhance romantic chemistry in your marriage use objects, themes, and paintings that have lovely colors like pink, red, and purple. Home decor based on the combination of these colors and a few similar ones will sustain a wonderfully happy and beautiful relationship between you and your spouse.

Hope these Feng-Shui remedies help you get through the troubling times in your marriage and restore harmony in your abode.

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