How Accurate is Horoscope Regarding Marriages

How Accurate is Horoscope Regarding Marriages
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Date : 08 Aug, 2018

You don’t fall in love every day, and getting married to someone happens even rarely. But do you know, that both these life events can be predicted through your Horoscope?

Astrology Prediction and birth chart readings have always been under the scanner for no significant reason. Some belief, Astrology is nothing but an illusion, and few think it’s dead accurate. Its integrity has always been debatable.

To understand the accuracy of the impact of horoscope and Astrology on marriage and relationships, it’s essential to first understand how horoscope plays such a key role in determining whether two people are compatible with each other and how far will they go in their marriage.

How Horoscope and Marriage work?

Marriage Horoscope is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth, hence they influence all the prospects that play a key role in your marriage. Then be it finding the right partner or being a successful parent, it covers all the dimensions of the spectrum.

#Horoscope is a manifold study of a native’s planetary movements and since it accounts for houses, retrogrades, and dynamic star positions, there is hardly any chance it could go wrong.

Mainly there are three important reasons why Horoscope is considered so accurate, let’s take a look:

  • Based on your zodiac sign and the generic characteristics, Horoscope helps find the best suitable partner for you. It is often termed by the technical parlance, ‘zodiac sign compatibility.’ Questions like what will be the sign of your partner, or what element suits you the most are answered through horoscope readings.
  • If there are certain astrological conditions that are not favorable for marriage present in your birth chart, horoscope helps determine those as well. Plus, the obstacles that delay marriage are also considered here.
  • When will I get married? Seems like a trick a question because one never knows when he/she would get hitched. Horoscope can provide convincing answers to questions as impossible as this one.

But these points mentioned above are something off the surface. The actual truth that makes Horoscope so accurate lies in the detail and much more complex understanding of the planets and stars.

What Makes Horoscope so Accurate with Marriage and Relationships?

When it’s about accuracy one should better consider the aspects that have the most significant role to play in love and relationships. In Horoscope, that is covered by the concept of houses. Houses are mathematical positions or spaces for planets and retrogrades in a birth chart. Movement of various cosmic bodies like planets, stars and constellations through these houses determine each and every life aspect, and marriage is just one of them.

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Here’s How Houses Influence Marriage:

  • The primary house for marriage is often considered to be the seventh house, and in terms of relationship prosperity, the corresponding house is the fifth house. So any connection between these two spaces numbered 7th and 5th create a combination, often referred to as the most favorable condition for marriage.
  • The next house is the 8th, the house of sensuality and passion. How planets travel through this space determines a lot about the success of your married life. The corresponding house is 2nd, representing family and relatives. The second house plays important role in life anyway.
  • The last house is 11th, also known as the house of gain. Effect of marriage on your finances is determined through this house.

Horoscope is based on Astrology. A science that has proved it’s worth time and time again. It can influence our life in a myriad of ways which adds to its relevance in our day to day lives.

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