Is Zodiac Compatibility a Real Thing in Relationships

Is Zodiac Compatibility a Real Thing in Relationships
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Date : 12 Aug, 2018

A relationship progresses in this fashion - two people meet, they go out, dine, and if everything goes well, then voila, you have a couple. No room for zodiac compatibility or anything. Initially, it’s the honeymoon phase where new lovebirds find themselves so into each other that everything else looks petty and boring. It’s only until they have their first fight and wonder if they are compatible with each other.

When it comes to relationships and marriage, it all boils down to one little thing, and that’s compatibility. As to how comfortable are two people, or how well do they complement each other. Astrologically, it is referred to as zodiac compatibility.

What is the Zodiac Compatibility?

There are twelve signs in the Horoscope, each with distinct characteristics, qualities, weaknesses, and strengths. How well do each sign go with the remaining eleven is dependent on plenty of factors like element, flexibility, etc. This entire exercise to determine how well two signs will get along mainly as friends, lovers and married couples on the basis of their Zodiac signs is known as zodiac compatibility.

People often claim that compatibility based on zodiac signs is impractical nonsense and it’s love that makes a couple work so great. But, love and relationships can only do well when two people are in agreement with one another’s personalities and lifestyle, which apparently depends on your zodiac sign and its corresponding element.

The twelve zodiac signs can be grouped into four categories of elements - Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. These four elements make the entire universe, so in some way or the other, they are interdependent and so are the people who belong to these elements.

Now, compatibility between Fire, Earth, Air, and Water make six combinations and the entire concept of zodiac compatibility is just an extension of these six combinations.

Compatibility Based on Elements

Air and Water: Air ascendants are practical and disapprove anything that relates to theory or based on a preconceived notion. Water brings an emotional side to it. Air and water make the most powerful natural compounds in nature and in life, they form the strongest of bonds. People who belong to these elements will get along nicely.

Earth and Fire: A perfect example of the highly complementing match as Earth provides wide latitude for Fire to express itself. However, it can be destructive as well. It can go anywhere, highly unpredictable.

Air and Earth: If Air has the idea, Earth knows how to execute. But free-flowing air needs to channel itself to yield better results. Overall, this match gets along fine.

Fire and Water: There is an unstated resistance from both the signs as fire and water is no combination. Real life though happens to drift from this idea as these two signs are a great match.

Air and Fire: It is an interesting match. Air makes the fire burn but it can also blow it away. It’s all about balance here.

Water and Earth: Astrologically, Earth and Water are incompatible signs, hence they oppose each other. But the entire nature is dominated by these two signs.

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What Happens When You are Compatible With Your Partner?

Say, you and your partner belong to #Taurus and #Cancer signs which are highly compatible with each other. It is more likely that you to have similar taste and share same values because your constellations find resonance on various fronts. Since there are so many similarities, the odds of you getting into an argument are close to none. Your likes and dislikes will overlap, you’ll be on the same page every time and mutual respect, something that comes with the lot of hard work to others will come naturally to you two.

What Happens When You and Your Partner are not Compatible?

Instead of considering the intricacies of Horoscope and Astrology, here are simply real-life events that prove that you and your partner belong to incompatible signs. If you try to get back at each other for the most insignificant issues, it means you have not found peace in your relationship which is just a projection of your incompatible horoscope signs. Constant arguments, dull sex life, and inability to enjoy each other’s company is something that is common when your signs aren’t meant to get along.

Zodiac signs control our behavioral tendencies which play a critical role when it comes to getting along other people. Thus zodiac compatibility is practical in every sense and it does influence marriage and relationships. Know who is going to be your perfect partner as per your Zodiac sign 

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