Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings Reversed and Upright

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings Reversed and Upright
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Date : 07 Jan, 2021

Queen of Swords Elements and Symbolism

Queen of Swords is the thirteenth card from the suit of swords of Minor Arcana. The card depicts a Queen sitting on a throne decorated with cherub and butterflies. Cherub represents the softer side of Queen and butterflies signify transformation. She is wearing a stern look on her face with a sword in the right hand that is pointing towards the sky. This indicates her desire to explore the truth in every matter and shows her perspective towards the future. She has held her left hand raised in the sky as if she is receiving or offering something. In the background, there are clouds and strong wind passing through the trees which depict the ongoing changes of life.

Queen of Swords Upright

Queen of Swords Upright Keyword Meanings 

Independent, Direct Communication, Clear boundaries, protective, Truthful, Witty, Fair, Constructive criticism, Honest, Realistic, Intelligent, Open- Minded, Divorced, Sophisticated, Mother, Sceptical, Hard knocks, Funny, Truthful, Discerning, Objective, Problem Solver, Self -reliant, repressed pain, sharp, clear sight, logical

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Queen of Swords Upright - General Meaning

The Queen of Swords represents an older feminine intellect who is truthful, witty and honest. She signifies maturity and urges you to remain unbiased in every decision you make. It represents that you need to be open-minded and remain flexible in gathering all the facts before you make judgments. The card represents that you are going through pain or sadness from the past but at the same time you have used your past experiences to gain inner strength and wisdom. 

Queen of Swords signifies that you are compassionate but you prefer connecting with people intellectually rather than emotionally. It is about being realistic and sharing your thoughts without beating around the bush. The card urges you to be receptive to constructive criticism while being upfront and honest in your opinions. It indicates that you are an independent, resilient and strong person who can get out of any difficult situation. The card reflects that you have set clear boundaries around you and never shy to call out people if they cross them. However, you possess great communicative skills with a quirky sense of humor which attracts people towards you. 

Queen of Swords Upright - Love and Relationships Meaning

The Queen of Swords Love card indicates an honest and trustworthy partner, maybe you or your partner who exhibit the positive qualities of Queen of Swords such as intelligence, wit, quirkiness, maturity, and many more. It signifies a female partner who loves her personal space and is selective about her choices in love and relationships. She is affectionate, caring but reserved in terms of expressing her romantic feelings in public. This Minor Arcana card is more about logic than emotions in the relationship. The love tarot card indicates the presence of a mature woman who is upfront in their opinion and believes in sharing constructive criticism in order to improve the relationship. This mature woman can be your mother in law or mother or your partner. 

If you are single, the card represents that you need a partner who may understand the need for personal space and understand your values and beliefs. If you have gone through heartaches, then the Queen of Swords love card indicates repressed pain which needs to be released. You can not judge your potential partners based on your past experiences. Learning from the past is important but it should not make you feel bitter for the upcoming love. The card also reveals that you will meet someone who is wise and mature or may have gone through a bad experience in the past such as divorce or bitter relationship. You just need to stay positive and let the love flourish with no prejudices of the past.

Queen of Swords Upright - Work and Business Meaning

Queen of Swords in career readings is an indication of good communication at the workplace. It signifies that you would be able to make an impression at work with your wit and quirky humor. You will be in charge! You will be admired for your honesty and will get an appreciation for integrity at work. The card indicates that you have the ability to solve any problems and reminds you to be realistic and logical while taking decisions related to job or business. 

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The Minor Arcana card of Queen of Swords represents the presence of feminine energy that will offer wise advice to grow your career. She will provide constructive criticism for your career-related activities and will show you the way to promotions. For business, the Queen of Swords is the positive omen to follow your passion and start new ventures. The card suggests adapting a clever and independent approach to achieve success and growth. 

Queen of Swords Upright - Money and Finances Meaning

Queen of Swords is the positive omen in the finances that indicates a period of opportunities. It signifies that now is the time when you can invest in finances and create profits out of good financial deals. The card also indicates that you have been through hard times when you had no money or sufficient funds to survive but now the time is over and you will find new opportunities to grow income and invest in finances. The appearance of Queen of Swords signifies that you are likely to get better deals if you focus on money. Beware of involving in the dishonest means as the card urges you to be honest and selective with the matters related to money. 

Queen of Swords Upright - Health Meaning

The Queen of Swords signifies repressed emotions which may become the reason for your mental stress and other health issues. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Therefore, the card urges you to share your concerns or problems instead of struggling with them on your own. If you are dealing with any health issues or feeling depressed, then its time you should look for some help. You may also take the help of a professional counselor and meditation to get relief from mental stress. 

Queen of Swords Upright - Spirituality Meaning

When the Queen of Swords appears, it means that you are being too logical and not heeding your emotions of growing spiritually. You are thinking from your head and is not allowing your intuitions to come into action. The card urges you to listen to your heart and trust your intuitions in order to enhance your spiritual power. Queen of Swords is a wise card that urges you to share your wisdom with afflicted. It asks you to extend help to those who need empathy and compassion. Your helping hand will not only bring happiness in their life but will also cherish your soul with the positivity of the Universe. 

Queen of Swords Reversed

Reversed image of Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords Reversed - Keyword Meanings 

Overly critical, pessimistic, cold-hearted, overly-emotional, lack of communication, cheating, manipulation, bitter, spiteful, nasty, dependant, absent mother, cruel, obsessive, infertile, deceitful, repressed trauma,  bitchy, dysfunctional, infertile, scatter-brain, acting without compassion, Vindictive, Ruthless, Anger issues, devoid of emotions, not learning from the past, indulge in malicious gossips, harsh

Queen of Swords Reversed - General Meaning

Queen of Swords indicates false accusation and bitching at your back. It signifies a cold-hearted person who doesn't have any emotions or compassion. It might be an older woman who is trying to sabotage you and overly critical about you and your work. She might have gone through a lot of trauma in the past which is making her bitter and unforgiving. Her nature is controlling and can seem very rude in behavior. The Queen of Swords reversed card indicates that you are pessimistic in your approach. You are not learning from the past and repeating the same mistakes again and again. You are nasty, obsessive and suffering from a mental fogginess. Things are unclear to you and you don’t want to step forward to avoid any imbalance or instability in your life. Queen of Swords reversed card signifies that you have poor communication and hesitate to pursue your plans. The Queen of Swords in reversed turns up to be a disloyal and deceitful person who may cheat anytime and possess a vengeful attitude. The card also reflects a dysfunctional person who is spiteful and may turn to be very obsessive. 

Queen of Swords Reversed - Love and Relationships Meaning

In a love tarot reading, the reversed card of Queen of Swords indicates that you are in a relationship with someone or you as a partner possess traits of negativity, obsession, and disloyalty. The card signifies that you or your partner may cheat or try to manipulate another partner for their selfish motives. The reversed Queen of Swords Love card is a bad omen that signifies a woman who may try to ruin your relationship and may show a vengeful attitude towards you or your partner. The Queen of Swords reversed represents that you and your partner are stuck with past memories which is not allowing you both to show love and kindness to each other. You both are judging each other and overcritical of the actions of your partner. The card urges both of you to communicate and forgive each other for their past mistakes.

Queen of Swords reversed in love readings points to a bitterness, manipulative attitude and downright cruelness. It is a sign that your relationships are clouding your mind and negatively affecting your decisiveness. You may be allowing your spouse to dominate you and hesitating to follow your heart due to the fear of losing and loneliness. In this situation, you need to strengthen yourself and be more assertive and hard-edged if you want to surpass the difficult times, suggests the Queen of Swords love card.  

If you are single, the Queen of Swords reversed is the sign that you will meet someone who will possess the negative characteristics of reversed Queen of Swords. The card urges you to be clear of who you date and see as your partner. The appearance of the card indicates deception and spiteful behavior in your potential partner. The reversed Queen of Swords Love card also reflects that you have just come out of a past heartache or have memories of your past traumatic relationship that is making you feel negative and vindictive till now. Let bygones be bygones. Forget the tragic events of the past and make a new start. The Queen of Swords love card in reversed asks you to not feel nasty and bitter but try to understand the perspective of your potential partner.

Queen of Swords Reversed - Work and Business Meaning

Queen of Swords in the reversed position for the career is the sign of rising miscommunication between you and your colleagues. You might not be able to communicate well and express your point of view. The card signifies an older or mature woman at work who may over criticize you and bitch at your back. You may hear people indulge in malicious gossip about you and trying to manipulate you for their selfish reasons. Be cautious while sharing the details of your plans with co-workers, the Queen of Swords reversed appears with the chances of cheating. Stay positive at work and don’t let your previous setbacks hinder your progress. The reversed Queen of Swords urges you to learn from your past mistakes and focus your mind to achieve higher targets. 

Queen of Swords Reversed - Money and Finances Meaning

The Queen of Swords reversed indicates that you can be cheated and drag into the malicious plan which may result in loss of money or financial crisis. Thus, be careful of whom you trust or take advice from. The reversed Minor Arcana Card urges you to gather all the facts so that you may not lose any financial opportunity due to poor communication or misconception. Take time and explain yourself thoroughly before you commit or invest in any new plan. Steer clear of your finances and check your bank receipts from time to time to avoid further loss of money. 

Queen of Swords Reversed - Health Meaning

In the context of health, the appearance of Queen of Swords reversed indicates a disorganized, forgetful person with mental fogging. You may be forgetting to take care of your diet or not following the routine exercises suggested to you. The card appears reminds you to organize your daily schedule and be in touch with your doctor, if you experience any dysfunctionality. The card in the reversed position indicates fertility issues which may bother you in the future. Also, the reversed card of Queen of Swords indicates mental illness due to a lack of empathy and previous tragic events. It suggests you must look for the counselor if you are dealing with mental stress due to past events or heartaches. 

Queen of Swords Reversed - Spirituality Meaning

The reversed card of Queen of Swords indicates that you are still struggling with the memories of the past which is not allowing you to heal. You are repressed with emotions and going through the grief of guilt. The card urges you to forgive yourself as this is the first step to relax and connect to your higher wisdom. Queen of Swords in spiritual readings is the sign that your spiritual growth is hindered and all this is because of scattered mind. You should bring your thoughts in alignment and try to strike a balance between your mind and soul. 

Queen of Swords as Feelings

Queen of Swords as feelings is not a welcoming card. Queen of Swords meaning in love suggests that you or someone you like may feel neither positive nor negative about the situation.

Queen of Swords indicates that you feel to be self-reliant. You don’t want to depend on others to avoid heartaches and heartbreaks. Because of your past experiences, you think you have to be strong even when you are not willing or able to do so. It is hard for you to express your emotions fully even if you love them deeply.

 If you want to know what someone feels about you, the Queen of Swords means that they feel aloof and protective. They are guarding their hearts. They are scared of expressing their feelings for you and is not sure whether they should love you or withhold their compassion within. 

Queen of Swords in Yes or NO Reading

The Queen of Swords is a problem solver with a clear perspective of what should be done in a matter. She is logical to her actions but at the same time reflects repressed emotions that obstruct from taking an effective decision. Thus, the Queen of Swords is neither a definite Yes nor a definite No. It says “Maybe” , giving complete authority to your gut feelings. 

However, If you want to know whether someone likes you or not, and if this relationship going to last, then Queen of Swords Yes or No suggests bleak chances of getting any positive outcome.

What does the Queen of Swords mean?

 The Queen of Swords represents an independent, sharp and rational person who is honest to his/her actions. You may depend on her/him in need and may learn the skills to solve problems with ease. The Minor Arcana card in readings is the sign that you have the ability to seek truth and can decipher easily what is wrong and what is right. You have the ability to see things as they are and share them fearlessly without being biased to anyone.

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Queen of Swords Related Questions Answered (FAQs)

1. What number is the Queen of Swords?

Queen of Swords is the thirteenth card from the suit of swords of Minor Arcana. Also, the Queen of Swords relates to the number 52/7. The number speaks fo inner conflicts and depicts new beginnings after the destruction or passing of tragic events. It represents the building of a new after breaking down the old patterns. 

2. Can the Queen of Swords be a man?

Yes, the Queen of Swords can be a man. The card represents both man/woman in its readings. It is about the energy of the querent which depicts the qualities of Queen of Swords. The appearance of the Queen of Swords speaks of the person who is intelligent, logical, protective, witty, communicative with excellent problem-solving skills. The card speaks of a sophisticated, fair and strong individual, irrespective of gender. 

3. What zodiac sign is the Queen of Swords?

Queen of Swords is ruled by Air sign such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. Air signs are all about intelligence, communication, and balance. They see a bigger picture of the situation and take decisions from the mind rather than the heart. However, these natives are compassionate and show great loyalty to the ones they love.

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