Six Awesome Tarot Apps For Immediate Advise

Author : Victoria

Date : 24 May, 2019

Six Awesome Tarot Apps For Immediate Advise

There are various Tarot card apps which are worth trying as they provide detailed insights about the different facets of life and predict the future accurately, and these are as follows:-

Tarot Life:

It’s an excellent app to get all your answers related to the different facets of your life like career, love & relationships, health, finance, etc. This app offers precise numerology and tarot reading predictions at just one click. It is the Numero Uno application to get an idea of what lies ahead for you in the future. Tarot Life enables users to become more positive, prosperous, and happy. The tarot reading and psychic advice from this app gives accurate predictions and guide the users to the path of success and available on both iOS & Android platforms. It is one of the best tarot reading app 2021.


It's Salient features Are as Follows:

  • Love tarot reading gives detailed insights about the love relationships of the users. As it is a very complicated matter and at times, users do not get the relevant answers to their queries. Love tarot reading gives accurate predictions with the help of a three card spread where each of the cards has a specific meaning related to the love life. It works as the savior when the users are puzzled with their love relationship woes.

  • True Love spread is an excellent way to assess the love life in a much better way and get answers to the various queries. It gives more in-depth aspects of you and your partner, the course of your relationship, strong & weak points, and if your relationship is a sustainable one?

  • Daily Tarot is a great way to find insights about what lies ahead during the day. It’s the study and interpretation of the tarot to make predictions about the major happenings during the day and what is going to happen in different aspects of love, finance, career, etc. It’s a great way to avoid the forthcoming troubles, the appreciation that may be received and enjoy the happy moments. The choice of the card reveals if the day ahead will be positive or negative.

  • The Yes/no feature of this application enables the users to choose wise options in their life without wasting time. There are times in life when the users are looking for a quick solution to the problems, and this is when this feature is being preferred.

  • At times, the user may face turbulent situations in their lives when they are not sure about future steps. The Ask a question feature guides the user in such a case in the right direction and gives accurate and detailed solutions to the problems he/she is facing.

  • Career Tarot is a great feature that gives detailed insights about the professional lives, and the hidden career aspects of the users. It depicts what works, and what does not and guides the natives on the right path. There is a three card spread process that is followed for a career tarot reading, and each card carries a different meaning through which the professional success and failure are determined. These cards depict the different phase through the person goes through in his/her career.

  • Career path Spread is a very helpful feature through which the natives can get the bird’s eye view of the prevailing situation and combat the troubles in their professional lives. It allows the natives to harness the available opportunities and work towards building a secure and robust professional career. Seven cards are being used to depict details about various aspects of the career like the current performance level, the areas of improvement, growth prospects, etc.
  • Finance Tarot reading helps the natives to get detailed insights about financial matters and the ways through which revenue can be improved. There is a three card spread process followed for the Finance tarot reading, and each card is a symbol of a specific thing, and these lead to the solution to end the financial troubles. It gives comprehensive insights about various facets of finance like guidance, early warning signals, advice related to money matters which you should know. The natives may become aware of some hidden aspects of their financial situation through which major transformation may happen.

  • Success Spread features enable the natives to combat the financial woes that he/she may be facing and guides to follow a particular approach. It makes the natives aware of their potential and motivates them to follow a specific method to overcome the ongoing troubles. A five card spread method is used where every card depicts a different meaning like the strengths & weaknesses, hidden potential, major obstacle, new opportunities, etc.

  • Comprehensive knowledge and information about the Major Arcana Cards and get insights about their meaning and importance.

  • A very nice feature is the Card of the day that reveals what lies ahead during the day regarding career, finance, love & relationships, and other facets of life.

  • One of the features is “Numerology” which enables the users to know about their unlucky & lucky numbers and the role these numbers play to determine the personality traits, destiny, attitude & journey of life. There are various other aspects like personality number, maturity number, life path number, etc. revealed by the numerology reports and how these can influence life in general of the users.

Daily Tarot Plus 2019

There are tarot spreads offered to the users who are seeking or looking to choose a different type of tarot cards. This Tarot card app offers card of the day and also gives insights about the daily lucky number, daily horoscope, and color.

  • One of the features of this app is that it provides tarot spreads for various facets of life like career, love, relationships, finance, health, spirituality & the future. 
  • This Tarot app for learning is available on both iOS & Android platforms.

Mystic Mondays

This app is used by the people to find out various aspects of their lives.

  • It has a feature like a tarot library and has a description of each card.
  • One of the features is the card of the day that provides guidance and enables the querent to learn about tarot.
  • This Tarot card App is available on the iPhone & the Android platform.

Galaxy Tarot

One of the aspects of this app are the six tarot spreads. These spreads include classic types like the future, present, past, and the Celtic cross. Galaxy Tarot app on IOS also offers the readers to buy some paid Tarot spreads features.

The other features of this App are as follows:- 

  • Both beginners, as well as an experienced tarot card user, can use this app. 
  • There is an encyclopedia on Tarot Cards.

The Luminous Spirit Tarot

It was initially formed to accompany “The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck”.This app focuses on the rest, reflections, and actions.

This tarot app has below-mentioned features:

  • It allows the user to check their progress.
  • It has a guidebook on each card.
  • It has space to document the troubles, expectations, and the finding from each reading.
  • It is available on both IOS & Android platforms.

Tarot sampler by The Fool’s Dog

It comprises of different cards from various tarot decks It has the below-mentioned features:-

  • There are around twenty layout options.
  • Readings can be shared online.
  • It has the database of the past readings.

Golden Thread Tarot App

This app was created for decision making especially by those who want to change their lives.

This app has the below-mentioned features:-

  • It has the database of meanings of the various tarot cards.
  • This app offers a learning opportunity for the users about the Tarot Cards & app.
  • This app allows the user to take a backup and perform analysis of the readings.

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