Top 10 Tarot Cards For Money And Finance

Want solutions to your money problems? Tarot Cards Can Help!
Author : Stacy

Date : 19 Aug, 2019

Tarot Cards For Money And Finance

Money is an absolutely essential thing in this world! Isn’t it? And, at times we refer to many things including tarot cards for money and finance, to pave the way for a better financial future. With the advice of Tarot Reading or insights of Astrology, we can take some action to enhance our financial situation and lead a more rewarding life.

As it is rightly said ‘money makes the world go around’. A strong financial future is a symbol of stability, security, and happiness to a great extent. And, a little bit glitch in financial security or a bleak financial future can lead to stress and anxiety. We are constantly looking for ways to make ourselves financially strong and one such medium that can give us advice on the right direction is Tarot. 

Tarot for finance can be your key to success!

Tarot cards for money and finance are an excellent tool to gain insights about your financial aspect. Tarot cards depict a clear picture of the troubles and influencing factors in your life. Many people misunderstand Tarot as a method to predict the fortune. However, it guides the right actions that should be taken in a specific situation and the possible results of the same.

Want to go for a money tarot reading? Then, it is important to know the top ten tarot cards for money and finance. Let's take a look : 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

In the money Tarot card reading, this card depicts a very positive change lying ahead amidst the turbulent situations. It shows that you will be blessed with a lot of prosperity & abundance in the near future. It’s a great sign if you are planning to launch a new business venture which may be a risky business but reap rich rewards for you. It also indicates some surprise gains and some financial windfall gains. It is considered to be a fortunate tarot card for finance.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

It is again a very positive tarot card, and it denotes a lot of potential, optimism & action. This card may make an appearance when you may be confused about a fresh financial situation like a new business venture, partnership, and a new job. This card motivates you to be sure of your actions, and you can embark on the growth path once this card appears in your reading.

Six of Pentacles

This card is a symbol of good deeds, Karma, and charity. It states that if you have been generous and helpful, then it will come back to you. If you have received from others, then it’s time to pay back, and you should be responsible for continuing with this cycle of giving & taking.

The Sun

The Sun

This card is again a symbol of prosperity and abundance. When it appears in your reading session, it is the time for you to be assured regarding the money matters as success will surely follow. You can expect great financial outcomes in the near future.

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

This card depicts the hallucination, confusion, and the world of fantasy. It tells you not to believe in everything that comes your way blindly. It also talks about your dreams, hopes, and aspirations that you wish to realize. This card is a signal that you should be cautious before spending money, stay grounded, and not to expect the outstanding results and be very detail-oriented.

Four of Pentacles

For numerous people, being secured is the first priority, and for the same purpose, they restrict themselves from spending money. They also resort to illegal methods to make money. When this card shows up in your reading session, it means that its high time to take it easy. Stability can be achieved from other methods also and that you should look beyond the money matters.


Page of Pentacles

This card indicates that you may get a new job or start a new business venture to make some additional income. You are now poised to grow tremendously because you may add an additional qualification or you may invest in a new venture. Through this, you will be able to earn some extra income.

King of Wands

King of Wands

This card motivates the querent to be at the top of the game as far as the finance field is concerned and be very confident in your endeavors. Money is never a problem if this card appears in the reading. Even if you lack money, then you will figure out a way to combat the situation. The appearance of this card in a tarot reading signifies that you should be willing to go that extra mile, be on your toes and be ready to deliver your best. If you can do it, then you can do wonders in your job or business.

Nine of Pentacles

This card again depicts success at a personal level. It appreciates your wisdom while taking the actions and making the choices. It also states that your present financial position is directly related to your efforts. It motivates you to rejoice the moment of your success and economic self-sufficiency. It also tells you to acknowledge your efforts and the path of struggle.

Five of Pentacles

This card depicts that your financial position may not be that good, and it may affect you at an emotional level. You may get a feeling that there is nothing that you can do about it, and there is no one standing behind you. However, help is available, but you will have to find the same. This card is a sign of caution when it comes to money matters and can help you come out of the troubled waters. 

Tarot cards for money and finance can improve your financial situation tremendously. Looking for some guidance? Get your money tarot reading now! 


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