Best Tarot Cards To Get In A Love Reading

Are you in love? Then, look for these tarot cards in your reading
Author : Stacy

Date : 12 Aug, 2019

Are you planning to pop the question to your lady? Or you may be in the puppy love phase with someone, or you have been under someone's spell over a long period?

There are many stages of love. Love is our life fuel. But at the same time, it is very complicated and wistful. Thousands of problems are attached to it. And when everything is not well, we might want a glance on the love -future!

Consider love tarot reading as your guiding angel. It links your life energy to a higher dimension and gives you accurate love forecast. But there are certain tarot cards which can come as a warning while there are other love tarot cards which can come as a blessing in your reading.

Are you planning to go for a love tarot reading? Then hope for these best love tarot cards to make an appearance. Take a look at the top tarot cards for love, and know their hidden meaning. 

1. The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card

The name itself explains the perfect twin flame! When you have this card in your reading, it is a reason to celebrate! This card confirms your relationship is genuine, and you both are deeply connected.

It reflects the promising future, and indicates that the love bond you share is eternal! You met your true love of life, and the future is filled with more and more love. 

2. Ten of Cups

Ten Of Cups Tarot Card

Ten of cups represents an ideal family. The home symbolizes comfort and stability. Grassy hills represent fertility and growth. Rainbow is a divine symbol, confirming a happy content family life.

This card represents a well-raised child and emotionally connected traditional family.

3. Four of wands

Four of wands tarot Cards

Four of wands represents homecoming, joy, and a new beginning. It indicates a wedding or confirming the life partner.

Achieving a significant success and celebrating with friends and family - is the perfect description of this card.

4. Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

This card shows enormous success and wealth. It indicates a well-grounded relationship and stable family life. It proves that your love life is based on mutual understanding and respect.

Your love bond is strong and intimate. It indicates that the friendship between you two is as strong as the love that you both share. 

5. Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups tarot Card

You can sing, dance and party hard when this card comes in your reading! It indicates new relationships, and new love coming in your life.

This love energy will make you feel just like a teenage boy/girl! Soon you will enter in the romantic phase of your life. Ace of Cups also shows compassion and creativity.

6. Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups tarot card

This card comes up in the reading when someone charming and attractive comes into your life. It indicates creativity and imagination.

When you have a knight of cups in reverse, it showcases a moody and impulsive relationship. One of the partners may be dreaming or demanding unrealistic romantic ideas.

7. The EmpressThe Empress tarot card

Love arcana tarot cards accurately represent your unconscious mind. When the Empress card comes in your reading, it indicates intense sensual feminine energy.

This lady is expressive and fertile. Often this card brings the news of family planning, or the new life is coming in your family! It indicates happiness, abundance, and a deeply fulfilling relationship.

8. The EmperorThe Emperor tarot card

According to love arcana tarot cards, the Empress represents reliable feminine energy, and the Emperor is the influential masculine father figure.

In love tarot reading these cards show the appearance of sturdy life partner in your life. He is loyal and authoritative.

This indirectly indicates a long relationship with a partner. The appearance of this card indicates a strong and stable household and the presence of a partner who is protective and caring towards you. 

9. The Hierophant

The Hierophant tarot card

This card represents tradition, religious beliefs, spiritual insights, and institutions.

In love tarot reading when this card comes up, make sure your love partner is traditional and highly spiritual. This indicates marriage (as it is traditional and institutional) or some strong commitment in a relationship. It is a good card to get in a tarot reading. This masculine energy is spiritually active and wise.

So these are all the top tarot cards for love. They give insight about your partner, relationship, and even the future of your love bond!

As they rightly say, " When you can open a knot with your hands, you don't need to open it with your teeth!"

Whenever you are stuck in love and love-related issues, the smooth and accurate way to foresee is-Love Tarot reading.

 Be wise and use love tarot reading for all your love issues!

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