What are the Different Types of Tarot Cards?

Author : Victoria

Date : 27 May, 2019

What are the Different Types of Tarot Cards?

There is a lot of ongoing debate about where the Tarot cards originated. The present form of Tarot cards is from Italy. Though, some of the folks believe that during the 15th century, germination of tarot cards happened in Northern Italy. While some people have an opinion that Tarot cards originated during the medieval period in the Western part of Europe. However, one set of people believe that Tarot cards originated in Egypt. In the present era, psychic readers use a different type of tarot cards. One of the most important aspects is that in spite of the ongoing debate about their origination, the meaning of Tarot cards and their interpretations by different people remains the same.

A list of tarot cards with pictures attract hugely or rather a cult following all over the world. Tarot is considered to be a very divine form, and the literal meaning of the same is working with the higher self or the divine. This is the penultimate purpose of Tarot cards.

The Working Method of Tarot Cards:

There was a very famous Psychologist named Carl Jung who coined the term synchronicity which describes the occurrence of events (Temporary & due to coincidence). As per synchronicity, there is no difference between inner and outer. The card chosen by you is the replica of what is already known by your higher self. This is called the conversation with a higher self by the Tarot occultists. It’s not magic but the Tarot always work, they are kind of sacred mirror.

Tarot is not essentially about the future or making predictions though it may tell you about the future events that may happen if you continue to follow your path. It is all about the way situations work inside you. It may tell you about various influencing factors around you. There is a particular way in which the people behave and what are your thoughts about it. It’s indeed a blissful feeling when you get into the detail of the events, offer advice, and dive deep into the subconscious mind.

Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards:

Tarot deck comprises of the set of classic 78 cards which are either major or minor Arcana which are being used by the expert professionals to reveal the life story of a specific person. Oracle cards are more free-flowing in structure, unlike the tarot cards, and the creator can create the structure as per his/her will. the number of cards to be picked, what purpose it will serve & the imagery being used is all at the discretion of the reader. There are different types of Oracle cards that come in all functions, sizes & shapes.

Composition of Tarot Sets:

It all started as a card game in ancient times. People loved playing card games and used them as a means of recreation. However, over the years, they are being used to make predictions and for spiritual & meditation purposes. People all over the world use them for self-improvement, the solution to the prevailing problems and for fun purposes as well. There are different pictures and features depicted by each of the cards. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards. The Major Arcana, also called as the standard tarot is the set made up of 22 cards whereas another commonly used set of cards is called a Minor Arcana which consists of 14 cards of 4 suits.

The Tarot card readers use different spreads and make interpretations through imagery & symbolism. However, the layout is not standard anywhere. The card reader decides about the type of spread base he/she wants to use because it’s a very personal choice. There are a plethora of tarot decks available that offers flexibility to the tarot reader so that they can customize it as per their requirement.

Variety of tarot cards are available, but Rider-Waite is considered to be the most famous one. This is composed of the classic major and minor Arcana cards and was first published in the year 1910 by the academician and mystic A.E. Waite, and Pamela Coleman Smith gave its illustration. Many of the cards utilize the design of Rider-Waite, but some use their own interpretation based on the deck’s story and are very different.

Different Type of Tarot Cards:

1) Traditional Swiss is also called as the international icon. These are among the most popular Tarot card which the psychic readers use.

2) The modern version of Rider-Waite is Colman Smith. It has the original tarot drawings and psychedelic colors.

3) Benedetti has the designs of leaves that have been painted in gold, and this set of cards is inspired by an ancient Tarot deck called Visconti. Benedetti is considered to be very elegant, and the Tarot readers who wish to make their reading look a bit elegant use this set of cards.

4) One of the cards that were developed in the 20th century is called Phoenix. It is considered to be one of the most elegant and beautiful because of the vibrant colors used in the same.

5) One of the cards is Marseilles, which is being used for meditation and divine purpose. Its origination dates back to the 18th century and is 200 years older than Rider-Waite.

6) Great thinkers, intellectuals all over the world use the golden set. It is a great set of the card because of the deadly mix of modern elements and a touch of medieval rendition for the purpose of prediction of fortunes.

7) Psychic readers all over the world love Ator because it depicts adorable and beautiful characters; it is simply one of the most popular choices for Tarot card readers. It is the modified and beautiful version of the Rider-Waite tarot cards which looks fancy.

8) There are some fortune predictors who read the human mind; they use the set of “Cat People.” It is a belief that the reader can see the distant place with the help of this card in the mind’s eye regarding the client’s inquiry. The features of the same are mystics & companions of a cat.

9) There is a very unusual type of card set in the world, which is called the “Curious.” It’s a very modern set of cards, but the characters depicted are very strange. This particular set is one of those used in modern times.

However, There are Some More Criteria on Which the Tarot Cards are Cased. These areas Follow:-

Inner Animal Tarot: 

This card reveals the emotions and inner instincts. It also depicts the animal that your behavior reflects.

Erotic Tarot:

The focus is on the erotic concept. It sparks the sensuality between the prospective lovers & partners and is helpful in attaining physical satisfaction.

Career Tarot: 

This card provides user knowledge about the correct choice of career. At times, we may be in a dilemma and do not know about the path to choose that may be best for you; this particular tarot helps take the right decision. It also helps in finding out the career option that you should not choose and hence you may be saved from a wrong decision.

Money Tarot:

It enables you with the required knowledge to mint a good amount of money, which is considered to be the most basic requirement of any human being. Earning money is very critical, and if you are unable to make the required amount of cash, money tarot comes to your rescue and share some tips to maintain and improve your financial health.

Hot Topic Tarot:

There are some cases when you need an immediate solution which should be quick and on the spot. This tarot is your savior in such circumstances and will let you know about the truth and the right solution.

Power Tarot:

It will give a very motivating message to you so that you can combat any obstacles in your life and deal with the situation head-on. It boosts your morale.

Dream Tarot:

It is used to decode your dreams and connect your life with your dreams. The unconscious and symbolic messages give indications about your past, present, and future. The Tarot reading warns you, lets you know the secret meanings and gives you advice about the messages that your dreams are trying to communicate.

Lover’s Triangle:

You may be in a dilemma at times when you may have two love interests, and you want to choose the right one for yourself. This card helps you to do it and get the benefits out of the same. You can select the right soul mate for yourself.

It’s been around 500 years that Tarot cards have been used by the expert readers to read the future and for a divine purpose. There are various options that psychic readers use in modern times. It all depends on the psychic reader that what is his/her priority as some of them still use some of the ancient and traditional types like Minchiate Fiorentine, Lovecraft, Haindl, Palladini, etc.

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