Win It All This Capricorn Season


During this little period of transition from winding down on one year and welcoming the other, we engage in all kinds of celebrations, festivities, and then slowly shed down our holiday euphoria and go back to normal. This entire drill lasting for about a month from mid-December to January makes us experience either side of the spectrum. This is what a cardinal season is all about.

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Speaking of Cardinal, this is the Capricorn season and if you don’t really know much about Caps, then they are known to be the father of the zodiacs. According to Astrology, #Capricorn is the ruler of house number ten. One which signifies career growth, social reputation, public image, authority, and a desire to be recognized by everyone. So undoubtedly, it stands to be the reason why the Capricorn season inspires you to work smarter, level up your efforts and make most of every opportunity to manifest your dreams and ambitions.

How Your New Year Eve Gonna Look Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Is New Year here already or what! The streets are spick and span, skyline all lit up and there is a December nip in the air that says the party is about to get started. Now before we all get indulged in some crazy celebrations, let’s take a moment to actually appreciate how awesome 2018 has been, and how it has dashed through, like a bolt of lightning.

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Obviously, you may disagree with me in some respect because not everyone feels the same about the year which has gone by. But trust me, despite what all you might have been through, 2018 was one heck of a year; definitely worth remembering for a long long time. And before we finally move on to the next one hoping things are going to get better and we would actually be able to live our dream, here’s the last scoop of Horoscope predictions and Astrology for you all.

Which Christmas Flick Is Your Zodiac


Christmas is the only time of the year when you can cozy up in your comforter all day long and watch as many movies as you want without anyone judging you.

Now, Speaking of films, we really think movies and Christmas go a long way. Right from Santa Claus back in the black & white days to office Christmas Party, there has been a variety of content surrounding Christmas day stories to make us all fall in love with the holidays.

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There are plenty of memorable and heart-touching movies to watch on Christmas but which of these do you feel the most connected to? Well if you don’t really know the answer, then look no further because we bring you a list of all-time favorite Christmas movies one for each zodiac that will help you find out which holiday flick suits you the most.        

Best Christmas Tree For Your Zodiac Sign


The celebration bandwagon is on its way to your place and it’s time to crank up the holiday mood, put on the lights, buy Christmas presents, and just be merry.

Your Christmas character based on your Zodiac!

The most exciting thing about Christmas is that you get to buy a lot of new stuff, and one of them is the Christmas Tree. While there are hundreds of varieties of trees available, picking up the perfect one can be quite a task.

Here's the perfect Christmas Cookie based on your Zodiac!

So before you head down to a local tree store to get the best lot, try and consider what your stars aka horoscope have planned for you. Here’s a list of Christmas trees best suited for your zodiac sign

Most Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Zodiac


Christmas is just around the corner which clearly means there is a whole lot of pressure upon us to choose only the most perfect gift for our loved ones. However, this entire concept of gift-giving isn’t as complicated as we have made it with our ridiculously irrational ideas of buying something that is pricey, shiny, trending, and useful. Well, there are a whole lot of other stupid criteria that we usually follow before buying gifts but we really don’t feel like mentioning.

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Christmas is all about happiness and love and unfortunately, we overlook this particular aspect while buying presents. Gifts should be meaningful and must pleasure those who give them. It has nothing to do with the merits of those receiving them. So start looking beyond the price tag before buying gifts. And you don’t have to search any further for help because Astrology is here! We bring you the most thoughtful gift ideas for each zodiac sign. So let’s take a look, and do remember what once a great woman said - “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.”

Which Christmas Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac


It’s the season of Christmas cookies, eggnog, Santa, presents, family, friends, dinner, whimsical activities….and it goes on and on. Christmas is truly the best time of the year to relive the memories from our childhood and cherish the fact that how lucky we are to be surrounded by such loving people.

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Around holidays we tend to transform into this whole new individual who is more fun, adventurous, loves donning loose and colorful clothes and is adorable. Is it just me or this sounds like a fictional character to you as well.

If you think about it, there is an imaginary character inside us all who tends to break out only around #Christmas. So if you are curious to know more about it, then let’s find out which holiday character are you based on your zodiac.