4 Effective Tricks to Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Budget

4 Effective Tricks to Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Budget
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Date : 22 Nov, 2018

As amazing a Thanksgiving dinner may taste like but you got to admit, it isn’t exactly as cheap. And after all when you have an elaborate menu like this one with five side dishes, four types of pie, and a massive turkey, no wonder the grocery bill notches up to a yearly high. But again, the merriment, the happiness, and the memorable evening that you score are just priceless.

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Thanksgiving is a midway halt on your way to the new year’s that started from Halloween. So you have to make sure you have enough savings because there is still a long way to go in this holiday season. You can not afford to lash out on Thanksgiving dinner if you really want to buy Christmas gifts for everyone. But how is it possible to enjoy a celebration feast as magnificent as Thanksgiving and yet be able to save money?

Well, you don’t have to search any further for budget-friendly ways to enjoy Thanksgiving as we have come up with the most simple and practical tricks to cut down your bill so that you can have a great dinner with your near and dear ones without worrying about the expenses. Let’s check them out

  • Use What You Already Have

Whether it’s festive decoration, or groceries for the dinner, buying stuff at Thanksgiving can be a tricky territory. Once you get into it the vortex, it’s almost impossible to get out because you want everything to look perfect and taste perfect. It’s absolutely natural as a host to get so concerned about every little detail. But why not try using stuff that you already have! Now, it isn't only about using things that you already have, but optimizing your resources. You can use items that you already have as substitutes for what you don’t have while making dinner; if of course, it doesn’t compromise the taste. Instead of buying decorations items like plastic leaves and napkins, you can use what nature has on offer - #driedleaves, grass, herbs, hay, etc. We don’t think anything but these items can help you better to give your place the traditional fall-winter look.

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  • Stick to a Basic Plan

Thanksgiving dinner parties cost more when you try and mix things up. Instead of sticking to a basic menu, you go out of your way and want to prepare something for everyone. This idea sounds practical when you are expecting not more than a couple of friends. But when it’s for the entire group, you just can't please everybody. So the smartest way to go about preparing dinner at Thanksgiving would be by sticking to a specific menu and making the traditional dishes. You could add a few variations though but don’t go overboard. This way you would end up saving significantly.

  • Start Early

When it comes to Thanksgiving preparations, don’t be shy getting ahead of time. Have you ever considered gathering all the stuff that you need for an awesome party week before the actual day? Well, if you haven’t, then start thinking about it. Not only is it a practical idea but a strategy that makes sure you don’t have to stand in long queues outside the supermarket or fight for the best #turkey on the shack. However you must note, we don’t really mean buying the fresh produce like sweet potatoes, or pumpkin. We are referring to things that have decent shelf-life. So next time when you play host to a Thanksgiving dinner, do not forget to start planning for it from as early as Halloween.

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  • Rethink the Whole Dinner Thing

Now, this little trick has a couple of things clubbed into one. First off, this whole idea of preparing the entire dinner all by oneself is one cock and bull story. No one can pull off an entire feast all alone, everyone needs help. So don’t be shy of asking for help from a few of your guests. If you have a long list of guest this #Thanksgiving, then you can request a few to bring some side dishes of their own choice.

It would have two benefits - you’ll have a certain diversity at the dinner table and you don’t have to shell out for the extra ingredients that would have to use while making the dish on your own. The second option would also be related to your guest list because planning a party is all about people coming over. Therefore, if you have a teeny tiny list of guests, you can rethink the quantity of food you want to prepare. It would take less time and money. Plus, there’ll be minimum leftovers.

Hope this Thanksgiving turns out to be a memorable evening for you and your friends and these little changes that we suggested go a long way! Also, you can decorate your home in a budget and still give it an elegant vibe.

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