5 Ways To Make This Earth A Better Place On This Earth Day

5 Ways To Make This Earth A Better Place On This Earth Day
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Date : 18 Apr, 2019

In the whole Universe, Earth is the only planet where life exists. That is the reason we call it Mother Earth, a mother that gives us everything and never demands. But since the past few decades, the conditions are deteriorating and the drastic changes in climate are showing the need to conserve it.

Every year, on April 22, we celebrate “Earth Day” and pledge to make it a better place. In 1970, first-time people realized the need to save the earth and conserve its resources. It is now celebrating its 48th anniversary but things have not changed much. Every year over 15 billion trees are cut which means 56 acres of forest vanish in every minute. In the last decade, many species go extinct. Alarming, isn’t it?

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Ancient texts glorify the significance of Earth as a basic building block of nature. This is is the reason they worshipped Earth as the deity or goddess. The Zoarastrian and Pagans traditions can testify the same. They are the most ancient and prominent religions which witnessed the rituals of Earth worship.

The connection of Earth with personal healing is inseparable. We have harshly ignored the fact that our overconsumption is not only afflicting the planet but also the restricting us from getting the infinite spiritual healing powers. It has to be understood that the desire to get benefited from the earth while we are consistently harming it by our reckless way of living, can never get us what we want.

The ecological crisis is on the verge. Now, it is the need of the hour to join hands and work towards creating a sustainable lifestyle to mend what we have broken down. Let us learn what are the 5 ways that we can implement in our daily life to save our beautiful planet:

Recycle and Reuse

Recycle everything! Try to find the centers that do it for you, get some boxes and try to use the recycled products. You can also organize a recycling drive in your society making people more aware and teaching them ways to get rid of the waste of paper, cardboard or anything which is not recyclable. You must also encourage reuse of the products to a sustainable extent in your family and society. Reuse of paper and the use of biodegradable products will help in the reduction of deforestation.

Plant a Sapling

There is nothing best than giving the world back what you have taken. Plant a sapling every week and encourage others too to plant small gardens in their society or balcony. Also, remember that just planting is not enough, you need to take care of the same. The practice of plantation may not only help the environment but will give calmness to your soul as well.

Keep Space clean

Try to keep your space clean and never forget to throw the garbage in the dust bin. Composite the green or kitchen waste to use it later as fertilizer for your kitchen garden. It will help you to keep your garden green and will help in getting rid of more garbage. Before you throw anywhere, understand that every inch of the earth is your space and it's your responsibility to make it green and clean every day.

Stop using Plastics

Have you ever found a plastic burning aroma healing your soul? Never, Right! Plastics are and will never be good for the Earth and its existence in any means. Every year, millions of aquatic and terrestrial animals die due to eating plastic waste. According to an estimate, the ingestion of plastic kills 100, 000 aquatic animals and 1 million marine birds each year. If you cannot stop then try to limit the use of plastics in daily life. It is high time to realize that not everything that seems good and convenient for you is good for your environment.

Spread your Knowledge and Understanding

Come forward and take a stand to share the word for saving this beautiful planet. You can use the power of social media and take time from your schedules to ask people to adapt eco-friendly ways and save the environment. Teach your children why and how to keep the environment clean and green. Your care to earth will return to you in a million ways. Your every act will make a spiritual awakening and you will feel the positive aura coming to you and many other souls.

Our destiny is forever linked with the fate of the earth. Your each conscious eco-friendly acts of composting, recycling, planting and conserving nature is a small step towards making this planet a better place to live.

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