April Fools Day Prank Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign

April Fools Day Prank Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign
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Date : 28 Mar, 2019

One of the most light-hearted days of the year is almost here when people across the globe bring their silly sides to the fore and play pranks on their colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. April Fools’ Day is the day to let your hair down and enjoy the funny side of life.

It is a day which keeps everyone on their toes and gives the chance to pranksters to plan their pranks, jokes, and hoaxes. Backed by a history of more than 500 years, it is indeed one of the most awaited days.

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While you are wondering about the best trick to play on your friends and family, we’re here to help! As per your zodiac sign, we have put together some hilarious ideas and ultimate pranks and tricks which will surely blow your mind as well as your target’s.  

Let's take a quick sneak peek at the best pranks you can play according to your Zodiac sign.


Your day is incomplete without a surprise, Aries! You definitely love to prank but your pranks are innocent. You never intend to upset anyone out. So, what about covering an onion with frozen chocolate syrup and caramel and pretending like it’s a candy. All you need to do is wait for the creepy expressions of the people who eat it!

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What can be more irritating than trying hard to make your office supplies work properly? So Taurus, you can try the magic of your hands on the computer mouse of your colleague. All you need is to tape a blurred image on the back side of the computer mouse. Let them inspect in and out and you get ready for some hearty laughs.


We come up with an easy but quirky April Fool’s Day trick for you Gemini! All you need is to just buy a bottle of a beverage or any soft drink and glue its cap so that it can’t open and then ask for the help of your target person to open it. Watch them get stuck and get a kick out of their madness!


Cancerians love celebrations! So why not to try a party prank. Bring a cake for your friends or colleagues to celebrate the success of your team. But…this time it is going to be a Fake Cake! All you need is to take a circular piece of craft foam and adorn it with chocolate syrup, candies, sprinkles, and cake frosting. Then let your victims struggle hard to cut and enjoy the fascinating but bogus cake.

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Silky... No… Sticky! When it comes to pranks and tricks, no one can beat a Leo! For you, the prank we have come up is hilarious for you but too irritating for your victim. Just replace the shampoo or conditioner in their bottle with oil. It is a fun trick for sure, but beware as they will plan to get back to you after this!


So, Virgo, there is something really unique and funny for you this April Fool’s Day. Everyone try harder to distance oneself from the germ-spreading sneezes. So, here the trick for you - Take a little water in your palm, fake a noise of sneeze then sprinkle the droplets on the back of your target victim’s neck. Nothing can work better than this to frustrate your buddy. But make sure do not try this one on the strangers as it might backfire!

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Doing nothing! Sometimes doing nothing can have a more profound effect than doing something. Let's check on a simple but superb prank for this season. Just write some cryptic notes and put them on the desk of your colleague or friend warning them about a terrifying prank to be played. Let them wait for the very long day and do nothing. The thrill and strain will surely drive them insane.

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Traditional Scorpio! We have chosen a prank for you that will bring back the time of classic jokes and hoaxes. All you need is to take a few coins and glue them to the ground. Just stay back and watch your colleagues trying to pick them up. It will be FUN to watch!


Out of Service! How frustrated it feels when your workstation is on the fifth, sixth or any top floor and the elevator is ‘OUT OF SERVICE’. Terrible it is! One of the most effective and gut-busting tricks you can play this April Fool’s Day is by putting an ‘out of Service’ notice on your office lifts/elevators. Get yourself a place from where you can watch how your prank makes your colleagues get frustrated.

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A great April Fool’s Day prank for the Capricorns is to swap the vehicle’s key of your friend or colleague with one that is somewhat similar to their one. The frustration level will be at a high when they will not be able to start their vehicle. It is going to confuse them as they would keep on trying but won’t be able to start the car/vehicle. When you pal finally loses all the patience, give them back their key and wish them a hearty April Fool’s Day!


For Aquarians, we have come up with an old but a hilarious and successful prank with a modern twist. When your target person enters into the cabinet area, you must have a tag ready with you which reads, ‘Factory Rejected Item @ Reduced Price’. Try to distract them and carefully tape or pin the tag on their back. Enjoy the fun!!!


Pisceans are the party poppers! Just make use of this trait in your trickery. Bring a dozen of donuts to announce fake good news to your friends or colleagues. Just filled those donuts with mayonnaise and serve them to all. They won’t know how to react to such a mess and you get to enjoy their disgusted faces!

The tricks and pranks of the April Fool’s Day can be hilarious but make sure they are harmless. The above tricks would surely be great fun and excitement for all the zodiac signs! Do share the most hilarious prank you have done with someone in the comment box below!

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