Best Christmas Tree For Your Zodiac Sign

Best Christmas Tree For Your Zodiac Sign
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Date : 20 Dec, 2018

The celebration bandwagon is on its way to your place and it’s time to crank up the holiday mood, put on the lights, buy Christmas presents, and just be merry.

Your Christmas character based on your Zodiac!

The most exciting thing about Christmas is that you get to buy a lot of new stuff, and one of them is the Christmas Tree. While there are hundreds of varieties of trees available, picking up the perfect one can be quite a task.

Here's the perfect Christmas Cookie based on your Zodiac!

So before you head down to a local tree store to get the best lot, try and consider what your stars aka horoscope have planned for you. Here’s a list of Christmas trees best suited for your zodiac sign

Aries: You guys want to be the best at everything. And because of your dedication and adamance, you always manage to find your way to the top. Probably why we have chosen the Balsam Fir for you. It is one of the highest selling trees the entire Christmas and you can find it anywhere around. Read your Aries daily career horoscope.

Taurus: Conventional, stable, and pragmatic, you people are one heck of an individual. Mainly this is why you enjoy a lavish lifestyle. But not a lot of people know, you are always concerned about the minute details and that’s why we have chosen the Douglas Fir for you. It’s fine, classy, and basically your version of the Christmas trees. Read your Taurus daily career horoscope.

Gemini: Intelligent, emotional, and very warm, you guys always make the headlines wherever you go. Symbolized by the twins, #Geminians are known to have a dual personality and that’s why we have listed the Nordman Fir for you. It smells amazing and has pointed firs. Like the Miley Cyrus’ song….you get the best of both worlds. Read your Gemini daily career horoscope.

Cancer: Since your zodiac symbol is the Crab, you people have a really hard exterior but a soft and gentle heart. Your sentiments are so pure that people always want to be around you. There is no way you are anything else but a Norway spruce. It’s sharp and one of the most gorgeous trees that you’ll ever come across. Read your Cancer daily career horoscope.

Leo: Your cheerful nature and a knack for only the most adventurous things make you stand out from the rest. Maybe that’s why you always feel the need to have every spotlight to beam on you. So here’s Scotch Pine for you, the most popular tree for the most popular person! Read your Leo daily career horoscope.

Virgo: To be analytical and rely on your wisdom is probably your strongest trait. You have an uncanny resemblance to the Blue Spruce because much like you, these Christmas trees are as perfect as one can get and they last longer too! Read your Virgo daily career horoscope.

Libra: As probably the most stable individuals on the wheel, you are all for uniformity. And because Concolor Fir is considered one of the most symmetric Christmas trees, it’s only obvious that we compare you people to it. Read your Libra daily career horoscope.

Scorpio: It’s really hard to make out about you people and what’s going in that massive head of yours. Because one can never know what’s coming their way when you are around, we have the White Pine for you. A mysterious and shruggy tree which despite being medium-sized has an intense personality. Read your Scorpio daily career horoscope.

Sagittarius: With jokes that are totally off the hook and loving nature that can melt any heart, you Saggs make a great human being. The Christmas tree that can justify to the kind of personality you have is the Grand Fir. As the name suggests, it’s made to capture the attention. Read your Sagittarius daily career horoscope.

Capricorn: Despite your ability to gel with everyone, deep down you guys are pretty serious. You always want to focus on your premier life goals and work incredibly hard for it. But you sure know how to cut loose every once in a while. So here’s Noble Fir for you. A tree that can pull off any decoration and can still stay sturdy. Read your Capricorn daily career horoscope.

Aquarius: Thoroughly non-traditional, always love some company and can read anywhere they want. Because you have one of a kind personality, we have a tree with similar characteristics for you. Well sure it won’t ask for a book but you’ll always find people around it. It’s the Canaan Fir. Read your Aquarius daily career horoscope.

Pisces: An intensely passionate individual, selfless to the core and as romantic as it comes. Pisceans are the most beloved members in the family and friendship circles. Fraser Fir seems to have the same capabilities as they can support the weight of all kinds of ornaments and can still look beautiful. Read your Pisces daily career horoscope.

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