Easter Weekly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Easter Weekly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign
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Date : 17 Apr, 2019

Easter is on the door! And you can see the festive bells and bunnies hopping around all ready for the big day. The week of Easter is the most awaited celebration after Christmas that comes with the longest holidays of the year. Unlike the other events, the date of this festival is not set according to the Georgian calendar. It varies every year because it is associated with the solar and lunar cycle that signifies the astrological transition of Vernal or Spring Equinox.

As per Online Horoscope, this year, the holy week is starting from Sunday, 14 April and will end on Saturday, 20 April.

The week following the Full moon after Spring equinox is the epitome of the revival and rejuvenation of Earth after the cold winter season which makes it an important festival in Astrology. This will be the time to get ready with the various hooks to cast in the ocean of possibilities and wait to see what gets the bait.

So, before choosing the perfect hook, let us know what the weekly horoscope predictions have in store for you this Easter week as per your Zodiac :


This is your birthday season, Aries! Your plans this weekend are going to be quite impulsive. Venus in your sign will help you to cherish love and affection from your loved ones. If you are single, this is the perfect time to explore the #dating pool. In the same week, Sun is entering into your 2nd house which reflects the upliftment in the finances and possessions. This will support the travel opportunities shown by the Jupiter retrograde this time. It’s time to pack your travel bags and make the long holiday plans with your family and friends.


Taurus, this is will be the start of your birthday season. Your ruling planet Venus reveals the increase in the excitement and adventures in the whole week of Easter. You may feel full of good vibes with the illumination of Sun in your first house. The transition of Mercury will assist you with the growth of cash in the business and finances. It will be the perfect time to manage your health and again take out the diet chart for better fitness.

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The transition of Mars in Gemini is opening the doors to new possibilities. As per your Love horoscope, you will be driven by your passions and would seek to make interesting plans for the Easter holidays. Your communication style may help you in connecting with the old lost friends again. You may feel self-assured with the entering of Mercury in Aries. It may help you to confess the love that you’ve held for long in your heart. This week, restrain from making holiday plans. Sit and enjoy at home with your loved ones.


Jupiter retrograde may affect your health and work. So, take a step back and look at your routines to make sure you do not make it worse. This will be the time for introspection when you may think about your needs and what drives you in life. Don’t let the other people influence you in matters of career.  Gemini Love Horoscope reveals the need to connect with your closed ones. You may feel the connection with your family getting strong. Easter family dinners and dying eggs this week will give you the utmost delight.


The sextile of Mars in your decan reveals the emergence of self-confidence and courage in your life. You will feel empowered to present your ideas and impress the people around you. Due to the trine of Mercury, you may expect good news and will enjoy pleasant conversations at the end of this week. You may find your communication getting stronger. It’s time to implement new ideas and take on adventures that you have never gone on.

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The Easter week indicates the need to take serious decisions for your love life. The struggle with your relationships may be evident now. You may expect a turning point in your life at the end of the week with the transition of Sun into the earthy Taurus. You may feel relaxed at home but will also seek a way to gain profits this time. Take time for your family and manage the work simultaneously to enjoy Easter to the fullest.


#Easter week has come with the effects of Jupiter retrograde. The week will actually take you to the spiritual tour of self-realization. Take a look back to analyze your ideas and behavior towards people around you. Go out and connect with new faces. The struggle in love affair may end and you may get relief with the new spring of love. You might take some solo trips due to the transition of Mercury in Aries.


The beginning of the week is coming with numerous opportunities to strengthen your financial base. Good news in your career will add more happiness to the festivities. The movement of Jupiter retrograde may inspire you to evaluate your success and the things that could help it to be consistent in your career. In relationships, you may find it hard to hide your feelings which will help you in the long run.


Easter bunnies have brought the moments of happiness and joy from the first day of the week. Unite with your friends and family and celebrate the week of revival. Movement of Mercury into Aries may get you more active in both love and work. If there were any troubles in your friendships and groups, they may get settled by the end of the week. If you were thinking to launch new ventures, Easter is the week to get the divine blessings for it.


You may finally feel the brightness of Sun shining in your life with the celebration week. Inspiration to work hard may push you to implement innovative ideas. This would be the time when you can show your love to your partner and make them feel special. With Sun in your 5th house of creativity and romance, the possibilities to explore events, take part in the exhibitions and meet new people this week is quite high.


Easter is the time to reconnect with your loved ones and strengthen the bonds. Plan dinner or long holiday trip to spend more time with the ones you love. Enjoy your hobbies and the leisure time that you have found with the Easter holidays. Take the bow and fire up the arrow to get more happiness in your social and professional life.


The spiritual message for getting rid of the old ways and adopting new ways is highlighted in the career horoscope predictions. Refocus your career perspective and examine the possibilities of success. The speedy Mercury whizzes into fiery Aries to spruce up the romance in your love life. You may find the ideas of connecting with old friends and socializing around more interesting this Easter week. Finance-wise, all your debts will be cleared by the end and Easter will get new revenue to stream up.

Easter has come with the message of resurrection. So, rejuvenate, revive and get indulged in the matters that make you smile and spread happiness in others life. Plan this astrological week of Easter with the daily horoscope predictions and enjoy the best time!

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