Understanding Women Through their Zodiac Sign on International Womens Day

Understanding Women Through their Zodiac Sign on International Womens Day
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Date : 07 Mar, 2019

Woman- "A word with several meanings, a sky with thousands of colors and a celebration which never ends". Women have always been an epitome of mother nature. In Greek mythology, they have been called as descendants of Venus that symbolizes compassion, patience, and calmness.

Every woman is born with these qualities but their zodiac signs define their personalities and the power they possess. In astrology, you will find that each woman born under a specific zodiac is different in their likes, dislikes, personalities traits, and choices. On the special occasion of International Women’s Day, let’s explore the different aspects of women born under specific sun signs in this article:

The Aries Woman

Beauty with Brains! The Aries woman can mesmerize anyone. They are beautiful, smart and have everything that can melt anyone’s heart. They have the energy to move mountains and fierceness to fight in any situation. Freedom and adventure are in their soul. They love exploring new places and never compromise with their freedom. They are headstrong and you can never fool them. Loyalty is their special trait and they own it.

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They will be your best friend and can lock the darkest of your secrets in their hearts. No one is more curious than an Aries lady. She wants to learn every new thing and explore new truths. Passion is the keyword, they know their goals and are born leaders. Throw any challenge to them and they will handle it with flying colors. Defense, Sports, Journalism, Marketing, Designing are the fields they excel in. Aries is the lady that could arise your luck.

The Taurus Woman

The perfect mate! Taurus women are the love goddesses born with determination, affection, beauty, and reliability. They are beautiful, creative, calm, compassionate and know how to live each moment of their life. Art, Painting, Curating and fashion are their fields. Like the sun sign, they are stubborn and difficult to argue with. They are blessed with an excellent sense of grooming, styling, designing. You can never go wrong with their fashion advice.

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Never think to fool them emotionally, they have got the nerves to face any emotional break-down. Ask any financial and investment suggestions and you will find a pro at your side. If she is working on any plan, you can be assured of its success. Live life to the fullest is her motto in life.  Charming personality, sensuous smile, and modest nature, a #Taurus woman is someone you can give your everything to!

The Gemini Woman

Witty beauty! Gemini Women are the wittiest persons. They can make your day with their interesting conversations. They are highly intelligent and always brimming with creative new ideas. You might find them hard to handle as they become restless very quickly. With the heart of a child, they can amuse you with mischiefs. They can talk for hours on any topics. Unpredictability is their key trait so it's hard to predict what they are up to. Look for Gemini woman and you will get a new surprise at every moment!

The Cancer Woman

Caring Goddess! The cancer woman is born with a heart of compassion. She posses motherly nature and can never deny any help to someone. Selfless is the word that describes her nature. They are emotional, passionate and caring lovers.  She loves endlessly and expects the same. You can always find a good listener in her.

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Be serious with your Cancer lady, they take everything to their heart. Show your sensitive side and caring nature and they will be yours for the lifetime. Ruled by Moon, these women can be extremely moody but their free love can make you fall for her every time. She is always committed to family and friends. They know all the right chords to be the family favorite.

The Leo Woman

Strong and dazzling! Leo woman is the perfect combination of strength and sweetness. She is the woman you can look for in times of strength. She will always be there to motivate you and fill you with high spirit. Like The Queen, they desire splendor in everything. You can find the expensive attires, best accessories, and exclusive choices in their closets. If you want to know how to maintain a large friend circle and be in limelight,  Leo girls are the best to look upon.

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Think to betray them and you will end up fighting the lioness. With Sun as ruler, they love to shine wherever they work. They are born leaders. Ego, dominance will always be their strong traits. You would love their loyalty and strong intimacies. Compromising freedom at any point is the least you can expect of any Leo woman. Career is the first love for them.  They know their real strengths and can be amazing spokesperson, beauty experts, entrepreneurs, and orators.

The Virgo Woman

She analyzes! Virgo women dominate the traits of intelligence, confidence and a sharp logical mind. Nobody can evaluate things better than her. They are great influencers but it's hard to influence them. They seek high standards in everything and will never settle for less. She could be your 3 AM buddy. You will love their politeness and hardworking nature but can find their consistent desire for perfection burdensome.

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She wants to do all the tasks individually which creates continuous stress for them. Virgo woman’s heart is the perfect place to hide all your intimate secrets. They are sensible and know how to maintain relationships. You can find them excelling as teachers, editors, and analysts.

The Libra Woman

Balance and harmony! The Libra women are best in balancing their professional as well as personal life. These Venus ruled women are full of charm, glamour, beauty and have a good personality. They are the most flexible creatures and never show any stubbornness. She knows the trick to comfort and are a great support system for her friends and close ones. Peace is all they want. You can see them maintaining harmony in every situation of life. Dominance is not their feature. They neither dominate nor allow anyone to dominate them. Socializing is what they love. Libra Women are true lovers. They value love and relationships the most.

The Scorpio Woman

Aura of Mystery! A true scorpion woman is a beauty with mysterious charisma. You can easily get fascinated by her boldness and sensuality. You can find them secretive and reserved but it doesn’t stop them to be the real friends in bad times. She knows how to fire back on every wrong act. A small but quality circle is what they prefer. Maturity is their key trait. They can never be wrong when it comes to matters of responsibility.

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If you think you can fool them, you must give your perception a second thought. Ambition is what they live for. If they dream, they know how to make it true also. Never deceive these strong women, they remember every hurt and find trouble in forgiveness. Her love is with clear thoughts and expressed in her every action. No one can show deep love better than a Scorpion woman!

The Sagittarius Woman

Woman of happiness- this is how a Sagittarius woman is defined. She owns the power to make anyone smile. Happiness is what surrounds her. Sagittarius born are free spirits and wish to live the life to the fullest. They put their enthusiasm into everything they do. You could hardly find any Sagittarius woman crying. Her every act represents kindness, humanity, and love for nature. A Sagittarius woman can be wooed easily and can fall as prey quickly because of her innocent heart. Never take her for granted because she knows what she wants. If you ever think to live life with fun, Sagittarius Woman could be your best partner!

The Capricorn Woman

Wisdom rules! Capricorn women are blessed with wisdom. You can leave anything on her and she will never disappoint you. She is the support you are looking for all these years. She will never judge your acts and will show strong leadership abilities even in chaotic times. Give her a stick and she can create a bridge with her ability of resourcefulness and determination. They hate to show themselves weak. They know how to make a perfect balance between personal and professional life. For them, actions speak louder than words. She is the women of instincts and the perfect partner to rely on!

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The Aquarius Woman

Dreamer at heart! Great ideas, spiritual thinking, and witty mind, the Aquarius women are born with all these wonderful traits. They know everything around and know how to make a rational argument. She is an ambitious, intelligent and powerful orator. Full of innovative ideas, these women can achieve success in a short span of time. They are powerful administrators and compassionate leaders. Like magicians, they hide their secrets and reveal them only to the closer ones. Excellence is their key trait and they never leave any stone unturned to fulfill their dreams. Be loyal to them and they can pass any hurdles to keep you happy.

The Pisces Woman

Sensitive and compassionate heart! Pisces women are sensuous, romantic, spiritual and extremely curious. You can easily get attracted to them due to their compassionate and sensitive nature. Emotions are their weakest point but there is nothing they cannot find with their strong intuition and insights. Creativity is the key trait of Pisces woman. Art is the area of their expertise. They can do wonders in the creative, art and designing fields.

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Amazed how each zodiac reflects the various aspects of women born under it? Women are the powerhouse of talent and possess the potential to run the world through their sheer grit.  This International Women’s Day, let each woman realize their power and shine as never before!

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