Which Christmas Flick Is Your Zodiac

Which Christmas Flick Is Your Zodiac
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Date : 23 Dec, 2018

Christmas is the only time of the year when you can cozy up in your comforter all day long and watch as many movies as you want without anyone judging you.

Now, Speaking of films, we really think movies and Christmas go a long way. Right from Santa Claus back in the black & white days to office Christmas Party, there has been a variety of content surrounding Christmas day stories to make us all fall in love with the holidays.

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There are plenty of memorable and heart-touching movies to watch on Christmas but which of these do you feel the most connected to? Well if you don’t really know the answer, then look no further because we bring you a list of all-time favorite Christmas movies one for each zodiac that will help you find out which holiday flick suits you the most.        

Aries: Jingle All the Way

Being an Aries ascendant you are extremely spontaneous and love surprises. You wish to have an element of surprise in almost everything. You may not have heard much about this movie but Jingle all the way is a treat for all Schwarzenegger fans. It’s a story of a father trying to find the best gift for his son. It’s totally worth a watch and has all the elements that make it an Aries movie. Read your entire Aries daily love horoscope.  

Taurus: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

For you #Taurus, Christmas is all about getting to spend the entire weekend with your friends and family. You like being surrounded with people who matter the most in your life. It’s more the merrier for you fellas! Like Chevy Chase’s portrayal of Griswold, you too like hosting guests over at your place and playing whimsical Christmas games. Read your entire Taurus daily love horoscope.     

Gemini: Buddy the Elf

Your incredible energy and enthusiasm make your life of the party wherever you go. That’s why the best movie for you people need to be an all-time classic. Something that the entire couch crew would easily agree upon to watch. Therefore, Buddy the Elf! Read your entire Gemini daily love horoscope.

Cancer: Love Actually

Cancer you are probably the most sentimental sign in the entire mix and it isn’t hard to guess that you are a big fan of romance and chick flicks. So here’s Love Actually for you. Lots of love stories wrapped into one super movie that by the end you’ll be all cried out. Read your entire Cancer daily love horoscope.   

Leo: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Now before you start hating us for giving you this movie, let’s take a moment and appreciate how good this film actually was. No matter how hard at times #Leos can come through but deep down they are the most loving and nurturing individuals. In a weird way, you can relate to the Grinch. Read your entire Leo daily love horoscope

Virgo: Disney’ Christmas Carol

As the most loyal and trustworthy sign, you can comfortably relate to Mickey’s portrayal of a committed employee to his boss Scrooge McDuck. You’ve had your fair share of encounters with selfish people and that’s why we feel you’ll instantly connect with this beautiful story. Read your entire Virgo daily love horoscope.

Libra: Charlie Brown’s Christmas

Librans are very gentle, kind and gullible. They have a childlike spirit inside of them and that’s why we have chosen the timeless classic Christmas story for you. This adorable story of how a boy saves #Christmas will definitely take you back to your childhood. Read your entire Libra daily love horoscope.   

Scorpio: The Nightmare Before Christmas

This mysterious dark musical is exactly how you intend to celebrate your holidays. Unlike others, you don’t like wasting your time in sappy endings learning valuable life lessons. Instead, you prefer an edge of the seat thriller. The Nightmare before Christmas is the perfect movie for your intense self. Read your entire Scorpio daily love horoscope.

Sagittarius: The Santa Clause

It is almost impossible to find someone more travel-freak than you #Sagittarius unless you’re Santa himself because no one can beat him. Much like Tim Allen who wasn’t sure if he could pull off a red suit but once they started filming it, he was all over the place with his antics. Read your entire Sagittarius daily love horoscope.

Capricorn: It’s a Wonderful Life

As a #Capricorn, you’re all for family traditions and togetherness. The people you love are the single most important individuals to you. Watching a movie as great as It’s a Wonderful Life will only take you closer to your family and make you realize the significance of being surrounded by those who love you. Read your entire Capricorn daily love horoscope.  

Aquarius: Home Alone

Even the most feared burglars and stout goons had no answer to Kevin Mcallister's quick wit and innocent yet tremendous intelligence. Like a typical Aquarian, he is curious, self-sufficient, and fearless, thus putting knowledge into quick use. And since you too like to beat the bad guys, this movies should be just perfect for you. Read your entire Aquarius daily love horoscope.   

Pisces: A Christmas Carol

When it comes to being a classic example of a tradition lover, there is no one better than you #Pisces. You constantly try to surround yourself with physical pleasures. But deep down you know there is more to life than just money. So here’s a Charles Dickens classic novel turned movie A Christmas Carol for you that will remind you of how one is always trapped in its desires and wants. Read your entire Pisces daily love horoscope.

Not only movies but you can also check out which gift will suit you best for Christmas.

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