Which Halloween Candy are You Supposed To Be Based on Your Zodiac

Which Halloween Candy are You Supposed To Be Based on Your Zodiac
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Date : 29 Oct, 2018

Sweetest Candy for Your Zodiac Sign

I think we can all agree on this, Halloween is as much about candy as it’s about costumes, theme parties, and remembering the dead. One bite into the sugary delight, and bam, you are teleported to your childhood. Remember as kids, when we used to ring doorbells and shout ‘trick-or-treat’ running around the entire neighborhood. And then count how many candies did we score by the end of the night. But now that you are way past the ideal age of trick-or-treating, there’s no other other option than to pick one for yourself which by the way is not easy these days with the countless options available in the market.

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But don’t you worry because as always, Horoscopelogy has got your back. We have come up with the most innovative way to find just the perfect Halloween candy for you. So here’s a list of some of the most popular festive bonbons based on your zodiac sign. Besides, "Horoscope and Cosmos reveal so much about an individual and discovering a candy resembling the exact same qualities seems like something with the Halloween spirit". So let’s begin!

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Aries - The Rams are known to be overly energetic, highly confident, and extremely unpredictable. It’s only obvious they ‘head’ towards the most craziest candy that there is. Hot Tamales!

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Taurus - Not many know but the practical and very conventional Taurus is known to have a sweet tooth. So obviously they would gravitate towards something that lasts long. We figure Tootsie Pops would be the best choice for them.

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Gemini - Don’t get offended Geminis but we mean well when we say, you are probably the coolest geeks that we know. The sweet and sour Rainbow Nerds would be the perfect accompaniment for you to enjoy the festival while you wander through the history books reading about the Hallow’s eve.

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Cancer - Your ability to feel for literally, everything is your true superpower. That’s why something that reflects on you emotional depth would be the best choice of candy for you. Swedish Fish will work just fine plus it comes in cherry flavor so there is a happy coincidence that it turns out to be a great valentine candy as well.

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Leo - How about the ever so vibrant Jelly bean as your Halloween candy twin? Much like you, it’s the centre of attraction, multifaceted, brings a smile on people’s faces, and most importantly, represents the true creative spirit.

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Virgo - Virgos can get along with anyone like the lip-smacking Tootsie rolls that are overjoyed to be a part of the Halloween candy bucket. For you, it’s not about the spotlight but a team effort.

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Libra - Librans are very friendly, easy going, a tad flirtatious, and very adorable. Truly speaking, there is no one more fun than a Libra. So what better candy that the very lovable and an all-time classic Gummy Bears to represent the fun-spirited balancing scales.

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Scorpio - If there has to be one fun caricature of the most passionate and desirable sign on the entire zodiac wheel, it has to be the Peppermint Patty. It’s darker from the outside, gooey from the inside, and packs a punch in every bite.

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Sagittarius - A Sag seeks nothing but adventure. So Pop Rocks would be the most suiting, or should we say the most electrifying option for them as the perfect Halloween candy.

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Capricorn - Capricorns kinda have a layered personality. They are patient, self-contained, and sort of penny-pinching misers. A Gobstopper will last long enough to make them feel it was worth spending every penny.

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Aquarius - Aquarians are known to be compliant, traditional, and very original. They are people who are group-oriented much like a rainbow. Skittles would perfectly capture this quality.

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Pisces - Water children Pisces always crave for something that gets them flowing. What better option than the fruity, chewy, and bubbly Air Heads.

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Happy Halloween!!

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