Which Thanksgiving Dish Is Your Zodiac

Which Thanksgiving Dish Is Your Zodiac
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Date : 14 Nov, 2018

Follow the Stars to Find Your Ideal Thanksgiving Dish!

It’s Thanksgiving already, jeez does time fly! I don’t know about you but it seems like just last night that we enjoyed an awesome Halloween party. Well, the holiday season has begun and the next stop is Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, ‘Turkey day.’ If I were to choose one festival in particular which had all the elements that make it a classic holiday event, it had to be this one. Friends, celebrations, historic significance, banters, parade, it has everything, and most importantly it has food. Thanksgiving is one day of the year when you don’t have to watch your weight because devouring surfeit of food items is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as anything else.

I like most of us here at Horoscopelogy, you too are fond of food and Horoscope, then you my friend are in for a ‘treat.’ We bring you all the popular Thanksgiving dishes based on your zodiac so let's find out which delicacy is your star sign.

Aries: Your love for attention is news to none, so of course you would want to be the headliner of the event. Since it’s Thanksgiving, no dinner table is complete without 'Turkey' as its proud centerpiece. Therefore for Rams, it’s the classic serve of the evening.


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Taurus: Taureans are cool casual and get along comfortably with everyone like a side dish. This may sound kiddish but you people actually resemble all the qualities of mashed potatoes. So as per our interpretation, the perfect dish for your zodiac would be 'Mashed Potatoes'.


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Gemini: The Gemini symbol is a pair of twins because these ascendants rarely do anything all alone. So probably a dish made with two principle ingredients would suit you people the most. Well, I couldn’t think of a better dish on Thanksgiving than delicious 'Sweet Potatoes' for you.


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Cancer: Just like a typical Cancerian who would know how to balance its intensity with emotion. 'Cranberry Sauce' should be the best Thanksgiving dish for you. Despite being a side dish these sauces not only steal the show but the leftovers make a delightful sandwich spread.


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Leo: Leos want to be the center of attraction all the time. No matter how wonderful others are, they would do anything to surpass them because for Leos it’s all about being the star. 'Pecan Pie' would be the best-suited dish in the Thanksgiving menu for you. Mainly because it is a dessert and served right at the end of the meal. Making it the highlight of the dinner party much like a celebrity.


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Virgo: You are nothing like a regular zodiac sign with a single most dominating characteristic feature or a quality. You are rather a mix of characters, full of layers, and finally rolled in subtleties that not everyone finds charming. Those who like you can never get enough of you and for those who don’t, you are impossible to stand. The very flavourful 'Turkey Stuffing' should justify your characteristics.


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Libra: If you can’t decide what should be on the menu for desserts, then instead of trying something new, you choose to make the 'Classic Apple Pie'. Everyone agrees on it, everyone likes it, and it’s a great blend of sugar and spice. A perfect dish to illustrate your diplomatic nature.


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Scorpio: You people are the most enterprising of them all, one who never backs out when it comes to taking risks. So let's see if there is something you can experiment on. How about the all-time classic Thanksgiving dessert, the 'Pumpkin Pie'. You can put in whatever you want and can still pull it off.


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Sagittarius: Sagittarius is probably the coolest kid invited to the Thanksgiving dinner party. Just like a nice bottle of our favourite 'Red Wine' which turns into the life of the party once opened. They know how to spark up the flow of conversations and kick up the festive spirit. Besides, no dinner is ever complete without a glass of Claret.


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Capricorn: You are a crowd pleaser, and you should be proud of that. Because no one has those otherworldly qualities that make them liked by everyone. But since you do, you are like the 'Green Bean Casserole'. A Thanksgiving delight loved by foodies and fitness freaks alike.


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Aquarius: Aquarians are always known to be the thinkers of the group. Ones who always come up with new and something unique yet practical. So I think something like a 'Trifle Cake' would represent your zodiac the best. It’s unique, interesting, delicious, and above all, is a colorful festive dish.


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Pisces: You are the workhorse. Hence, it isn’t surprising to know that you are loved by everyone alike. Plus, you know how to clear the mess after every party so one dish that resembles the similar qualities would be the 'Homemade Rolls'. Best tool to clear the Thanksgiving aftermath.


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Can you relate to your dish as per your Zodiac? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, do check your Thanksgiving Horoscope to find out how the festive day is going to roll for you!

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