9 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Wealth


Money can’t buy everything, but it sure pays your bills! That’s why it’s not a very wise option to completely disregard the importance of wealth just because you’re going all philosophical on everything these days.

Money is as important as any other valuable acquisition in life. Besides, earning a significant amount on a consistent basis is not a cake walk, especially in times like these when there is a cut-throat competition in literally every business and professional field.

5 Things That You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom


To quote popular singer Jack Antonoff, "When you go all over the world for work, you dream vacation in your bedroom". It just goes to show what bedroom means to people.

If your bedroom looks anything but the peaceful heaven-like sanctum of solace that you want it to be, then there is nothing more you need. Believe us on this when we say that bedroom isn’t just a part of your house, it’s your priced belonging, a location in space around which revolves your entire universe. It’s like your Sheldon’s spot! It might seem a bit too much from our side, but it’s worth every word.