8 Remedies to remove Vastu Dosh from office

Usher in positive energy at your workplace
Author : Stacy

Date : 12 Jul, 2019

The office is such an important place in our lives, isn’t it? It is in a way the bread and butter for us. It is an opportunity of success, growth and of course happiness. Almost every office or workplace has an air of stress filled in their environment. The office or our workplace is one of the most important places for us, and it should exhibit positive vibes. Vastu Shastra remedies for office can help you to cut the negativity.

By following these tips and remedies, you will be able to remove Vastu defects from office in a seamless manner. Vastu Shastra says that each of the directions in the office is associated with specific attributes. And, there is a specific tip on how each direction should be at workplace. So, it is important for you to be aware about the Vastu remedies for office and take your business to new heights. 

But, before we know about these remedies, let’s know about the science of Vastu. 

What is Vastu Methodology?

The Science Of Vastu Explained

It is an age-old Indian science which is on the similar lines of the Chinese methodology of Feng Shui. Vastu science depicts the correct way to build structures like homes, offices, temple or the other similar structures. We can even choose the office color according to Vastu. The purpose of this science is to bring harmony to the overall environment and make the ambiance peaceful and usher in prosperity and abundance. 

The ideology of Vastu Science lies in the fact that this entire world is made up of five basic elements, namely water, air, fire, space & Earth. These elements are believed to be full of energy which should be channelized in the right direction. For removal of Vastu dosh from office, it is important that these energies should be balanced.

Now, let’s take a look at some Vastu remedies for office. 

8 Vastu Dosha Remedies For Office

Vastu Remedies For Office

  • Main Entrance - It is believed that the main entrance of the office should be free from any kind of obstacles, and there should be no congestion at all. The environment should be bright and emit fragrance. There are cases when there may be a pillar or a tree at the front entrance.

    To remove this Vastu dosh from office, you should place two swastika shaped pyramids made of copper in front of the obstacle.

    You can also place a basil plant between the pillar and the main door. Another remedy is to tie a copper wire around the pillar or the tree.

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  • Negativity or bad vibes in office- Some time due to people or the negative environment in the office, we get depressed and get the bad vibes. This is a hazardous situation as it can affect the productivity, mood, and focus of the personnel.

    One of the Vastu Shastra remedies for such a situation in the office is placing the Sun’s painting in the office’s east direction to weed out the negativity from your office premises. 

  • Defects in the pantry of the office- The Pantry or the Kitchen may have some flaws like the stove and sink can be very near to each other. The gas or the stove should not be placed in the northeast corner, and the sink should not be placed in the south-east corner of the kitchen. The Vastu Shastra remedies of these defects for the office by placing Copper Swastika (behind the gas/stove) and a pyramid made of Shriparni wood (close to sink). 
  • Master Cabin- To improve the effectiveness of the Earth element, Natural crystal rock should be placed in the south-west corner of the main cabin. Water elements should not be used in this cabin. Vastu energy plate should be placed below the seat to get the healing energy.
  • Missing corner- If south-west corner or cut is missing, then lead metal Helix should be placed on the wall. If you can put lead pyramid, then it can be more impactful. If you want to improve the Earth energy of the south-west corner, then you should put the citrine rock there. If the water element is missing in the northeast corner, then a water pot made of marble can work best!
  • Washroom- If the toilet adjoins the wall of the kitchen, then pyramid strips should be concealed or fixed upon the sharing wall. Also, if the toilet pot is either east-west facing, then it is a major Vastu defect. To remove this Vastu dosh from office, place three Vastu strips on the toilet door. If the wall of the toilet and temple room is common, then it is also termed as the major Vastu defect. To rectify the same, you should place a Vastu energy plate at the back side of the temple’s wall.
  • Office color according to Vastu - There are specific rules to select office color according to Vastu. In the case of a small office then the colors should be light, pastel & neutral and in case of large office space, you can use some bright colors. There should not be any error in selecting the colors else it can have negative repercussions.
  • East-west facing office Vastu defects- Along with the position of the various rooms & places in the office, people working in the same department should also sit in appropriate directions. E.g. accounting staff should sit in a way that they face north east direction.

There may be errors while constructing the office but Vastu Dosh remedies for office are there to correct the situation! If your office has such issues, then follow the above-mentioned remedies and bid farewell to all the negative energies. 

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