Perfect Bedroom Design As Per Vastu Shastra

Bring Harmony In Life With A Perfect Bedroom
Author : Stacy

Date : 15 Jul, 2019

The bedroom is a very private place where we relax & unwind after a hard day’s work! It is a place where we need peace and we feel a sense of calm. Therefore, Vastu Shastra for bedroom is considered to be important to instill positive vibes around. And, not just the design of the bedroom, even Vastu colors for the bedroom are significant to set the mood right! 

You will realize that even minute adjustments around your private space can work wonders and your entire house will be filled up with loads of positive energy. Your love relationship will become better, and your fortune will turn around.

Let’s take a look at few Vastu Tips for bedroom which are easy to adopt and can bring in a lot of good vibes in your home. 

Vastu Tips For Bedroom 

mportant Vastu Tips For Bedroom

  • Direction of the Bedroom- As per Vastu Shastra, the bedroom should be in the South-west direction as it can prove to be very auspicious for the owner. It is believed that the bedroom in South-West direction can make the owner prosperous and bless him/her with good health. Bedroom in North-East direction may attract diseases and in South-East can lead to frequent fights between the partners.
  • Gadgets In The Bedroom- Although it is challenging to follow but Vastu Shastra for bedroom states that anything that distracts you like a mobile phone, laptop, TV etc. should not be placed in the bedroom. If you cannot avoid them, then keep such gadgets away at a reasonable distance. It allows you to stay away from harmful radiations and also lets you spend some quality time with your partner. This ultimately leads to better relationships and gives you a sense of calm. 
  • Keep The Bedroom Clutter Free- Garbage is bad, and the house should always be kept free from all type of clutter. Sometimes, we do have a tendency to keep things that are old or damaged and are not serving any purpose whatsoever. Keeping such articles in your bedroom can be very depressing and create disharmony. It is also advised that one should not keep any aquarium, fountain etc. in the bedroom.
  • Mirror In The Bedroom- As per Vastu Shastra for bedroom, mirror should not be placed in front of the bed as it is considered to be inauspicious to see yourself sleeping in a mirror. Keep this in mind while you place your dressing table.
  • Bed In The Bedroom- The bed should be constructed with wood; metal is best to be avoided as it results in negativity. Also, the partners should sleep together on the single mattress instead of two separate mattresses as it improves the bond. Also, the bed should be placed in such a way that its head is either towards the south or the east direction.
  • Vastu Colours For Bedroom- It is critical to choose the right Vastu colours for the bedroom as they play an important role in brightening the mood and lifting the spirits. In ideal conditions, your bedroom should be painted with cream, baby pink or off white colour. Refrain from using dark colours. The bedroom should be meticulously organized with no dirt & clutter.

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  • The Aroma In The Bedroom- Vastu Shastra for bedroom states that aromatherapy is important to uplift the spirit & mood. There should not be any smell in the bedroom, and for the same, you can use room fresheners, aromatic candles etc. to keep the environment fresh.
  • Master Bedroom As Per Vastu- It is advised that only married partners should use the master bedroom, and others should not sleep in the master bedroom. Also, it should always be constructed in the South-West direction.
  • Placement Of Furniture In The Bedroom- According to Vastu Shastra for bedroom, the furniture should be appropriately placed in the bedroom. As the furniture are heavy objects, it is advised that cupboards, the bed should be placed in the West, South-West or the South direction in the room. The bed should not be placed in the centre of the room in ideal conditions. Vastu for wardrobe in master bedroom states that it should be placed in the South-West direction. 
  • Décor In The Bedroom- The bedroom can be decorated with some beautiful pictures or wall hangings. These paintings should be placed in such a way that you can see them first thing in the morning as you wake up. The same will set the tone for the day and invoke positivity.
  • Washroom In The Bedroom- It is advised that the door of the attached bathroom should always be shut. Vastu Shastra for bedroom suggests that the attached bathroom should be in the North or West direction of the bedroom. 

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Other Vastu Tips For Bedroom To Remember : 

  1. The floor of the bedroom should be cleaned on a daily basis or at least twice a week. 
  2. The temple or the puja room should not be placed in the bedroom.
  3. You should avoid placing the photographs of the ancestors on the wall of the bedroom.
  4. A round ceiling should not be there above the bed in your bedroom.
  5. The bed should always be in a rectangular or a square form. Refrain from using a round or oval shaped bed.
  6. The Master Bedroom As Per Vastu should always be the biggest room in your entire house.
  7. Sleeping direction as per Vastu Shastra- It is advised that if a person sleeps with his/her legs towards East, then it enhances reputation, name, wealth etc. If the sleeping direction is such that the legs are towards the North direction, then it also brings in opulence and increases your wealth. Your Sleeping direction matters a lot in the bedroom so take it seriously.
  8. There should be proper ventilation of air in the bedroom; sunlight & air should freely flow in the bedroom.
  9. The corners of the bed in the bedroom should not be sharp as they can promote negativity. Also, the bed should not be in the contact of walls.
  10. Articles should not be placed under the bed as it proves to be detrimental for marital relations.

If you follow these simple Vastu Shastra tips for bedroom, they will make your life blissful with a lot of positivity! 

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