Vastu Shastra Tips For Study Room

Improve Your Child’s Concentration With Vastu
Author : Stacy

Date : 18 Jul, 2019

Learning & education are considered to be an essential aspect of our lives. Vastu Shastra for study can help the kids tremendously to realize their full potential. 

The study room is a very important place for the kids, and a small study room design should be meticulous and comfortable as well as should possess only good and positive vibes. Vastu and study have a positive connection and can actually help in improving your child’s concentration power and thus his/her score. So, it is important to make sure that their study room in the house is designed as per Vastu principles.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our lives. Learning & development is an ongoing process, and one needs to be extremely focused, attentive & goal-oriented. For the same, the study room is a place where the children can study with calm & composed, open and a peaceful mind.

Room for study as per Vastu should be peaceful and free from all types of distractions! In the modern world, kids are distracted through a lot of stuff like mobile phones, internet, video games, tablets, TV etc. Parents find it tough to safeguard their children from such means of distraction. Vastu for education can really be helpful, and by following Vastu Shastra for study, kids can do wonders!

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Vastu Tips For Study Room

Study Room Vastu Tips To Follow

  • There should not be any restriction on the air & light in the study room in the house. The ventilation should be proper. The wall in front of the study table should not be empty, at least a painting or a calendar should hang. Also, the colour of the wall should be soothing and light.
  • As per Vastu Shastra for study, one should avoid constructing a toilet/washroom in a study room.
  • One of the Vastu tips for study room says that the study table should not be attached to the wall, and there should be some gap between them. The study table should be in the standard rectangular or square shape.
  • Vastu Shastra for the study says that if a picture of Sarasvati or Lord Ganesh is hanged on the wall in the study room in the house, then it can reap immense benefits for the students. As these lords are considered to give away blessings of skills & wisdom. If at all you place a table lamp, then it should be in the south-east corner of the room.
  • Room for study as per Vastu should not have any clutter and should be neat, clean and well organized.
  • The direction of the study room as per Vastu should either be in the Southwest part of your home. However, students should face North-East direction while studying in the study room. 
  • Vastu Shastra for study advises that a pyramid-shaped object should be placed on the study table as it is said that the Pyramid can attract cosmic and positive energy of the entire universe.
  • Study room furniture design should be such that a bookshelf should be at a spate place and not above the study table. Also, the student should avoid sitting below the pillar or the beam because the same can cause a lot of stress.
  • As per Vastu for education, shoes should never be kept under the study table. Also, books should be kept in the bookshelf but not just above the study table. As it creates tremendous stress, it is better that books should be kept at a different place. 
  • It should be ensured that children should sleep in such a way that their head is towards the south or the east direction. If the head is kept towards the south then it helps to maintain the magnetic balance of the earth, and the body and the head is in the east, then it helps the children to learn more.
  • One of the Vastu tips for the study room is that if the child is weak in studies and cannot concentrate properly, then he/she should study while facing the west direction. Studying in western direction also makes the students proficient in science and mathematics.
  • The stationery in the study room should be ready to use. The non-working pens, pencils, erasers should not be kept and removed immediately.
  • Room for study as per Vastu should have some inspirational paintings, pictures etc. that can be hung or pasted on the wall. A picture like a running athlete, sprinting horse, a fast car that motivates the kids to give their best. You should refrain from images that are demotivating like a pic from a war, puzzles etc. in the study room of your kids.
  • The certificates, medals, trophies etc. won by your children should be placed on the south wall.
  • Study room furniture design should be such that the bookshelf should be placed on the western or southern wall. Also, the study table should neither be too big nor too small. The ratio between the length and breadth of the study table should not be more than 1:2.
  • It is important that there should be adequate lighting in the study room. Dim light can hamper the growth & development of the children. Sunlight should be the preferable source of light in the study room. However, if the room is built in such a way that the sunlight is inadequate, then a table lamp should be used.

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Benefits of Vastu For Study Room

Why The Study Room Should Be As Per Vastu

If room for study can be designed per Vastu, it can reap rich rewards for your kids. The benefits are as follows:-

  • If the room is designed as per Vastu Shastra, then the brain of the kids will work in a much better way, and they become smarter.
  • The focus/ concentration of the children becomes better, and hence, they will be able to study in a much better way.
  • As per Vastu Shastra for study, children can get an excellent opportunity in higher studies if the study room is designed as per the Vastu Shastra.
  • The distraction is reduced to a minimum, and hence, the productivity of children tend to improve.

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Just by following these tips, you can help your children to study well and explore their full potential. Your kids will be motivated and focussed on studying hard and cracking the examination with flying colours!

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