What Is An Ideal Office As Per Vastu Shastra?

Know Why Should Your Office Be As Per Vastu
Author : Stacy

Date : 05 Jul, 2019

Location plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. It is of paramount importance that you choose your office location as per the Vastu Shastra owing to the tried and tested effect of this ancient science. Such are the benefits of Vastu Shastra, that more and more organizations and businesses are seeking the help of Vastu experts to select an ideal direction as per Vastu

Getting Vastu done for office has become an integral and indispensable aspect to consider before opening an office or starting a new business. 

So, are you opening a new office? Or trying your hands at a new venture? Then, here is a lowdown of how an office should be according to Vastu and what should be the points one should consider to assure success in business. Take a look. 

What Should Be The Ideal Location For The Office As Per Vastu?

You already know that location can make or break your business! While we all know that we should choose the location as per the type of business. For example, if you deal in a stationary or a toy business, then it's better that you select a location near to a school. And, another thing to consider is the existing competition while choosing the location. For example, you should refrain from opening a restaurant at a place where there are already established cafes.

Apart from these obvious considerations, it is important to keep the location in accordance with Vastu. Here are some few things to keep in mind. 

  • As per Vastu, the office building should be at a place where there is a lot of traffic and people. Workplace at an isolated place is considered as inauspicious.
  • Also, Vastu for office states that it is auspicious if the office building faces the North, North-West or the North-East direction. It is said that the positive energies and the blessings of the lady luck travel from these directions.
  • It is also believed that while choosing the ideal direction as per Vastu, one should select a land or a plot which is broader in the front and narrower at the end. 

What Should Be The Ideal Direction For The Office Entrance?

ideal Location of office as per Vastu shastra 

  • Vastu for office states that the main entrance of the office premises and its nearby area should be clear of any obstructions. The reception area gives the first impression of the office, and it is the symbol of the power and nature of the entire organization. 
  • Also, the main entrance of the office should be the biggest door in the entire office and should be constructed with the best quality wood. This door should not make any noise on opening. 
  • Ensure that a good looking and attractive nameplate is placed at the entrance with the logo of your business as it is believed to attract prosperity & happiness. Also, the main door should be welcoming, bright & colorful.
  • One important thing to note is that the main entrance should never be below the ground level. Also, make sure that there are no cracks in the entrance gate.

Vastu For Seating Space In The Office

  • Vastu for office states that it is of paramount importance that people sit at proper places and in the right direction. Seating arrangement as per Vastu states that people should sit in such a way that there is no window or door at their back. 
  • The accounting staff should sit facing East direction, and their seating arrangement should also be in the eastern part of the office.
  • The sales and marketing personnel should sit in a way that they face North direction. Also, they should be seated in a North-West corner. This particular direction enables them to quickly move to meet the clients and go in the field.
  • The head management should always sit in the South-West part of the office, which is considered to be a powerful area. It assists the head to be in the controlling position and keep a watch on all the employees. The people from top management like Directors, General Managers, Chairman, etc. should sit in this direction.
  • The HR & Administration department should sit either in the North-East or South-East direction of the office. 

The ideal position of Boss's cabin

  • Vastu for office states that South direction represents popularity, fame, name of a particular person. This direction speaks volumes about the reputation. Hence the CEO should always sit in the South direction, and the second option could be the South-West direction. 
  • It should be ensured that junior level and middle-level employees should never be placed in this direction. 
  • If any top management personnel is not available, then no one should take his/her place.
  • The boss’s cabin should be decorated with bright colors and with some green leafy plants. These are believed to absorb all the negativity.

Vastu Tips For Success At The Office

Few Vastu Tips To Remember for office

Vastu plays a pivotal role in determining the success of an organization apart from the passion & vision of the boss and the commitment of the employees.

  • The conference room where all the important meetings take place should be in the North West direction.
  • Make sure that the central part of the office always remains empty.
  • Workstations or the desks should not be L shaped but they should be either in a square or rectangular shape. The non-regular shapes can create confusion, and hence, it is better to avoid them.
  • The critical financial documents should be kept in a safe locker in the southwest direction of the office. This locker should face the North East direction. 
  • The workstations and desks should not have any clutter on them and should be meticulously organized. Also, no one should take rest or sleep at the desk as it promotes negativity.

If you sincerely follow these Vastu tips for success at the office, then you may reap rich rewards in the near future by ensuring the smooth operations. The productivity will increase by leaps & bounds, and there will be a lot of positive energy around the office.

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