Numerology is a study of numbers in your life. Numerology is recognized as the universal language of numbers. It can uncover all the hidden paths and secrets of your life. Discover Numerology with Horoscopelogy in an instant.

Life Path Number
Map your lifeline with Life Path Number.
Personality Number
Reveal What's the True Expression of Your Identity
Destiny Number
Reveal the number to your inner satisfactions.
Maturity Number
What age you will be stable? Discover!

Life Path Number

Life Path Number is the most important number of Numerology which is based on your date of birth. This number reveals a broad outline of the lessons, opportunities and challenges you will come across during this lifetime.

Find out what is your Life Path Number with Horoscopelogy.

Personality Number

Personality number reveals the image you are projecting to the outside world. It shows how people perceive you within the short period of time since they had known you. It represents what others pick up about your true personality.

Find out what is your Personality Number with Horoscopelogy.

Destiny Number

Destiny number is often expressed as Expression number as well. Destiny number is an important core number. It is taken out of your full name given to you at the time of your birth. It mainly tells you about your disposal, reveals your inner goals along with the shortcomings. Also, tells you about your areas of talent.

Find out what is your Destiny Number with Horoscopelogy.

Maturity Number

Maturity number indicates a secret desire or wish that emerges when you are in your mid age (around 30 - 35 years of age). This secret wish or goal arises when you gain a good and better understanding of yourself.

Find out what is your Maturity Number with Horoscopelogy.


The idea of Numerology says that the universe is a system and once it is broke, all we are left is with its basic elements, i.e., Numbers. Let’s figure out few out of many benefits of Numerology.

  • It works as an amazing self-reading tool. Numerology provides you with an insight of who you are. Also, unveils why you make the choices that you make.
  • Numerology understands and grows the relationship. With the help of Numerology, you understand what have you been missing in the relationship. It gives you the power to understand the relationships better than before. May it be with family, friends, colleagues or someone special.
  • You gain an understanding of how others see you with Numerology. Your Life path number shows these traits about your personality and also shows what you have been offering to others. This number act as a strong wall between you and others.
  • You get to define your challenges and opportunities at the same time with Numerology. Your Life path number behaves as the map to your lifeline. It reveals a lot about the kind of challenges that you will be facing and also tells you about addressing them.
  • You have a major significance of your Birth number in your life. With the help of Numerology, you can unveil that one special talent that came with you in this life. Ultimately, giving you a direction; correct one!
  • You can analyze your address with Numerology. To put it in simple words, with the address of your home, office or some other place, you can easily analyze how fruitful it will be for you.