Know more about Tarot Cards and Get Detailed Information on their Symbolic Meanings.

The origin of Tarot is a mystery that has led to many assumptions and conclusions. The term ‘tarot’ is basically taken from the Italian word ‘tarocchi’, which does not have any specific meaning or roots. Although Tarot Cards came to the fore in around 15th century, but their use for psychic purpose became more prevalent after 18th century. From the period of 18th century, a tarot deck was used by people interested in psychic powers to gain a much deeper knowledge of the present situations and future happenings. By the power of psychic Free Tarot Reading , one can gain an insight into what the past, present, and future behold. A deck of Tarot Card comprises of 78 Cards - 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. At Horoscopelogy, we provide you information about the 22 Major Arcana cards and how they can influence your life.

The Power Of Tarot

Tarot is the key that can unlock your thoughts, connect you with your soul and gives a clear picture of your life. A wealth of insightful information is stored in this small Tarot Deck. Each card of this deck holds a special meaning and is symbolic of the different phases of your life. Every lesson or mistake that we encounter or are going to encounter in our life is somewhere hidden in these Tarot Cards. A Tarot Reading session just guides you towards those lessons and provide you with the motivation and inspiration to empower your lives. It is a medium to bring those answers to the surface which are already somewhere in the subconscious mind. A Daily Tarot Reading can bring wondrous changes into your life and steer it in a positive direction.

Can Tarot Cards Tell The Future?

The question that always intrigues and confuses us is that can tarot cards really predict the future. Well, the answer is how strongly you are connected with it. A tarot spread can throw light on the possibilities and the probabilities of a specific situation. It can tell you about how things might turn out and help you analyze on the different aspects, for example a Finance Tarot Reading can tell you about how you will fare in your money matters. However, the final call will always be yours in this reading. It all depends on what you gain from this analysis and how you implement it in your life. Tarot Cards do not exactly tell you your future but they provide the answers to the questions that were bothering you. Whether it is Love Tarot Reading or Career Tarot Reading, you can get an insightful information on various aspects of your life, which can transform you, for good.

22 Major Arcana Cards

The Major Arcana Cards are the most important cards in a tarot reading. They symbolize life lessons and spiritual awareness. These 22 cards represent the most significant events of life and convey strong messages about the future. A Major Arcana Tarot Reading is a bit complicated, significantly deep and provides you with meaningful predictions about life and life-events. Interestingly, these cards are also referred to as the trump cards. They are numbered from 0 to 21 with 0 being the Fool card and 21 being the World Card. The theme of this Tarot deck is the journey of the Fool through the various stages of life and finally completing it with The World.

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