Know what JUDGEMENT symbolizes and how it influences your life


The image on this card shows a man, a woman and a child emerging from their respective graves to answer Gabriel’s trumpet, who hovers over sky way above them. They are in the nude, stretching out their arms, symbolizing eagerness to get judged by the power of Universe. The man, the woman, and the child are looking upwards, at the heavens. It’s as if they are appealing to the almighty to weigh them, evaluate their actions and pass a judgment – where they are going to spend the rest of eternity, in heaven or hell. In the far background is a massive mountain range, symbolizing obstacles that everyone counters before reaching where they are right now. The blue tide around the graves is a testimony to the fact that the judgment is inevitable. It will be final and inarguable. The banner around Gabriel’s trumpet is similar to the Magician. The Judgement Tarot underlines the universal fact – everything that starts comes to an end, and everything that ends eventually leads to a new beginning. Nothing in this world is permanent, and the cycle of life keeps on going. The planetary body associated with this card is Pluto, ruler of perdition and the dark underworld.


The judgment tarot is often associated with death. It has a dual interpretation. It is either the time of awakening, where you get to realize how you made out in the end of a cycle, or it is the time of resurrection, a fresh new start.


When a Judgment card appears in a Tarot session, it straight away calls for self-introspection. Through quiet self-analysis, you can get closer to your higher self. It inspires you to understand the fundamental keynote or the central substance of all your activities. To realize what you can do to better the results and avoid unpleasant circumstances in the near future. Judgment is a sign that you are evolving with experience and have reached a much higher stage in life.

The card of Judgement is a symbol of awakening from unawareness. It reflects on the self-realization of the fact that you want to live a life with a greater purpose. You want to change the way you have gone about things up until now. It also shows that you have learned from your past experiences and wish to implement the same in the next phase of your life. You are not going to make the similar mistakes again. Judgment represents the final stage of a journey, the analysis,which puts an end to the hardships that you’ve been through, so there is that. You will start to heal from the blows that you have suffered in the past.


A Judgment card upside down is a sign you are indulged in self-analysis way too much. You are doubting your capabilities and going harsh on yourself. Also, it suggests you take a moment out of your life and look back. Think about the positives and what all you can learn from your experience. You need to cut yourself some slack as overthinking on mistakes can make you miss the new opportunities that are right there.


Judgment Tarot love meaning reflects on the fact that there is indeed room for mutual appreciation in your relationship. It also suggests you have realized the actual purpose of your romantic partnership and there is no point in hiding how you feel about your partner. Overall, this card indicates towards building strong communication.

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