Know what JUSTICE symbolizes and how it influences your life


The Justice Tarot card is an exceptionally positive card for those who live their life with fairness, benevolence, and balance. In this card, you will find the Justice sitting in their chair donning a red robe. She holds scales in her left hand and sword in her right hand. The crown she wears has a small square in the center which symbolizes clarity of thoughts and strong focus. The Justice holds a double-edged sword in her right hand which signifies fairness and impartiality. The way it points upwards shows victory. Her cloak is clutched with a square which protects the equality that exists among all of us. The sword epitomizes logic, methodical mindset and practicality that are the key ingredients in order to impart the required justice. The Scales in her left hand tells us that our instincts or intuition should always balance logic. The grey pillars on the side represent the limitations of the world while the purple cloth behind the chair is a symbol of compassion. The white shoe that is slightly visible from her cloak is the reminder that Justice will give you what you deserve. The justice that you will receive will be the result of your own actions.


Justice is the 11th card in a Tarot Deck. If a Justice card appears in your deck, then be prepared to face the consequences of your past or present actions. This card simply means unbiased justice. You will reap what you sow and get what you deserve. The Sword of Justice will cut right through every life situation and will ultimately give you a logical and balanced decision. This card is ruled by Libra (Element : Air, Planet : Venus)


Justice Card Upright is about truth, balance, law, equilibrium, consequences and fairness. It is indicative of the fact that fairest decision will be made. It means that it is time to pay for the deeds that you have done in the past. This card will judge you only on the basis of your actions. It makes you aware that the actions you take and the decisions you make will have some long-term consequences which have the power to change your present and your future.

Upright Justice can also mean that it is time to make use of your decision-making abilities. There are some events in your life which require your intervention and would require you to take a decision. It also indicates legal proceedings or court where justice is meted out. So, if there is a legal matter going on and this card appears, expect the outcome to be fair and just.


Reversed Justice Card symbolizes dishonesty, no accountability, lack of responsibility and imbalance. It means that you do not want to take responsibility for your own actions and blame others for your shortcomings. A Reversed Justice Card is indicative of the fact that you are biased towards something or are not judging things around you with a balanced view. You are unable to know the truth and are guided by others’ decisions and opinions. It advises you to be a little cautious about how you judge others.


Justice in a love reading indicates that you are going to get the results you deserve. If you are single, you will meet the person who is meant for you. If you are good in your relationship, things will go exceedingly well or else you might face troubles if you have cheated on your partner or have done something bad.

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