Know what STRENGTH symbolizes and how it influences your life


Under the bright shining golden sky, you can see a woman caressing a mighty lion on his head and jaw. She stands in fear and gazes over the beast with compassion and love. A woman, in fact, representing the symbol of strength proves this Tarot has nothing to do with physical toughness. She has the same infinity sign over her head as seen in the Magician card. Her dazzling white robe is from the Fool symbolizing innocence and purity. The phallic mountains seen in the Lovers are also part of this particular Tarot. The lion here is the symbol of our animalistic side, desires, and aggression. It appears to be brandishing with his tongue sticking outside, and we know for the fact that no animal does that if it intends to harm. The lion is looking submissive to the love of this woman. She is taming the lion with exceptional strength that lies within. The left hand represents her mental state while the right side is the physical labor. She is wearing a belt and a crown made out of flowers that represents eternal strength and stands unguarded in the open field. The blue mountains in the background symbolize peace and stability.


This card shows that your efforts are soon going to culminate in success. Temptations will fall flat to your determination. The strength card provides you the much-needed impetus if you are suffering from a medical condition. It reaffirms your faith and inspires you to get through tough times.


Strength represents determination, power, and awareness similar to the Chariot. The difference being - Chariot represents exercising outer force while the Strength invokes the inner power. A strength card in a Tarot spread underlines the fact that you are persistent with your efforts and have tremendous stamina. The lion in the strength card symbolizes your animal nature and the lady taming the beast is your ability to control your fury and channelize your powers to achieve more valuable things. It represents that you are strongly connected with your conscious and are the master of your world. In a Tarot session, the strength suggests you connect to your higher self and come out as an asserting, dominating and persevering individual. However, if you are going hard at yourself to achieve just that, the strength card suggests you reassess the situation and go easy. With the Strength card, it is quite clear that confidence and courage will be the key to your success.


A Strength upside down is a sign that you are living in apprehension. You might be experiencing exactly the opposite of what this card brings. You’ll be low on energy, living in fear and have a shaky self-belief. It indicates that you are not loving what you’re doing, as simple as that. One of the significant interpretation of the Strength card shows the querent is under a lot of pressure. He is going through depression which in return is having adverse outcomes. The lady in the card inspires you to cement your belief and realize your internal capabilities.


The card symbolizes healing hands. It’s a source of strength after a breakup. It indicates moving on for something better and getting over pain and agony that had been tormenting you for quite sometime now.

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