Know what TEMPERANCE symbolizes and how it influences your life


Temperance is the card that indicates moderation and harmony. In this card, there is an angel. This angel is a Hermaphrodite which is indicative of the balance between the genders. One foot of this winged angel is on land and another in water. The foot on land symbolizes the material world and the foot in water is indicative of the subconscious. It also implies the importance of testing the waters before jumping onto something unknown. She holds two cups filled with water in her hand. These cups are a symbol of our subconscious and superconscious minds. The flow of water is from a lower cup to a higher cup. It is believed that in one cup there is hot water and cold water in another. So, mixing both is a way to achieve balance and moderation. The triangle on her robe is a symbol of protection.


Temperance is the 14th card in a Tarot Deck. This card wants you to adopt patience, balance, harmony and bring some temperance in life. It advises you to avoid extreme circumstances and take the mid-way. This card also indicates you to work on your emotions and keep your calm in every situation. If this card appears in your reading, it means that you have learnt the art of moderation. Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius. (Element: Fire, Planet : Jupiter).


Upright Temperance means that one has learnt to achieve balance and moderation in life. Even in situations of stress, complications or anxiety, you know how to have a composed attitude and deal with things patiently. It indicates a sense of peace that can help one achieve more fulfillment. Temperance card symbolizes patience; patience to not rush things and take everything one step at a time, patience to listen to others and understand them and patience to wait for the right opportunity.

Upright Temperance also means that it is time to prioritize things in your life and sort it accordingly. It is time to evaluate yourself and attain a balance in life. If you are searching for a higher purpose in life, then the Upright Temperance will help you discover that. There is no need to rush things, let them move at their own pace and they will evolve on their own.


Reversed Temperance Card is all about lack of balance, impatience, and disharmony. It is indicative of a phase when things are not in correct order and everything is imbalanced. Such clashes and disorder can lead to confusion, stress and complication. This card indicates that you are likely to take a decision in haste which can further cause imbalance rather than taking a moderate approach. It also symbolizes that you are not in sync with your goals, ambitions and aspirations. There is a lack of purpose which is causing more problems in your life. It indicates a time when you need to introspect and reflect on the changes that you need to bring in your life to make it more rewarding.


Temperance card in a love reading would want you to take the middle route if you are facing troubles in your relationship. Find a balance and try to mend those differences and sort out your ego issues. If you are facing a tough time in your love life, then Temperance wants you to make some efforts and things will get sorted soon.

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