Know what THE CHARIOT symbolizes and how it influences your life


The Chariot corresponds to the zodiac sign Cancer. The principal figure in this card can be seen sitting on the chariot with canopy over his head. The Chariot is driven by two sphinx, a black and a white. Each symbolizing the opposite forces which the charioteer must learn to master. Here they are sitting peacefully but often get into tussles as they want to go in different directions. The canopy is embellished with white shining stars. There are two crescent moon signs visible on his shoulders representing the spiritual cosmos that is guiding him along the path. He is wearing a crown symbolizing his intellect and temperance. Illuminating on his chest is a square representing the element of Earth, in the physical realm. It keeps him rooted on the ground. The primary objective of the charioteer is to guide chariot driven by the sphinxes, towards a destination. Place symbolizing the heavenly energies that he represents. He is holding nothing but a magic wand to guide himself through the forests. The city behind him denotes the lust and material that the charioteer has left behind in order to reach his destination.


A chariot card is about moving forward on to the right path with a positive intent. One shall keep up with the hard work and dedication if he wishes to succeed in life. The chariot inspires to focus on the goal and avoid getting distracted from the material world.


An upright chariot is a sign of victory and overcoming fears through courage and determination. Every achievement is an outcome of implementing the same attitude in the given situation. It suggests the querent is determined, self-reliant and committed, and if he wishes to carry on with the same, there are much greater results awaiting him. If you are perplexed by the myriad of options on hand, then your confusion will not last enough and you’d be driven to the right path. The Chariot requires you to be more assertive and a little more resolute. This is the time when you need to get hold of your emotions and master your impulses. Anger would not be helping. If a Chariot card appears in a Tarot spread, then it is a sign that you should get control over the situation as soon as possible. Another interpretation of the Chariot suggests travel. You are about to get into something that would require you to drive, go out on a break or even fy abroad for business.


A reverse Chariot in a Tarot spread makes you aware of a few hind aspects - anger and indecisiveness. You have lost control over the situation and it’s getting better of you. You have apparently become powerless and are living on thin ice. It shows that you are not in a very stable state of mind and are struggling with your own instincts. The reverse chariot brings to face to face with the reality that things will not always be the same and at times you need to roll with the punches.


The chariot is a sign of carrying on with a relationship even when it does not click. Instead of love and compatibility it indicates towards will power to drive a romantic alliance towards satisfaction. Here the chariot symbolizes two people going in different direction still held together by trust and loyalty.

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