Know what THE DEVIL symbolizes and how it influences your life


The Devil Card is somewhat a negative card which implies one being chained to materialistic pleasures. The Devil is a creature which is half human and half goat. The goat symbolizes a scapegoat, on which we put the blame for our mistakes and troubles. People often put the blame on the scapegoat to get past their inferiorities. The stare of this creature is intense and hypnotic taking in those who come near him. The pentagram above him is a symbol of the negative energy of occult science. The wings of the Devil resemble that of a vampire bat. This animal has the power to suck human blood. These wings are symbolic of the fact that what would happen if we give in and give full power to our materialistic desires.

The naked woman and man stand at the foot of the Devil, chained near his chair. Although it looks like that they are held captive there much against their will, but, on a closer look, we find that their chains are loose. This implies that getting rid of the domination of Devil is entirely a matter of choice and you can get free only with self-awareness. The horns of the man and the woman indicate that they both will slowly become Devil depending on the time they stay captive.


The Devil is the 15th card in the Tarot deck. When this card appears in your reading, it means that you are held captive by desires, materialistic wants, luxuries, extravagance. You are hypnotized and chained by the materialistic world and nothing can bring you out of it except you. This card implies that you constantly live in domination or fear. The Devil is ruled by Capricorn(Planet: Saturn, Element : Earth)


The Upright Devil when appears in a reading implies that there is something which is restricting you. You continuously have a feeling of fear or being chained to the powers of the Devil. The Upright Devil symbolizes all the negative energies that are hidden within us. It means that you are chained to something which you feel is beyond your control, but, you should know that the chains are loose and you can get out of these shackles if you desire so.

The Devil symbolizes addiction, pessimism, dependencies, lack of willpower and despair. What is important to remember when this card appears in your reading is that the power lies within you. The power to break the patterns, to get rid of these dependencies, to free yourself from any domination or bondage - everything is in your hands. All you need is to realize the same and release yourself.


The Reversed Devil is a card of self-realization. You are well aware of the fact that you are trapped by unhealthy relationships or things and are seeking freedom from such shackles. Your perspective has changed and you are more keen to bring some transformations in your life. This journey is going to be a difficult one as it is not easy to come out of one’s anxieties, negative thoughts and fears. But, just eye your goal to achieve absolute freedom and you are halfway there.


The Devil Tarot in a love reading is a negative card. You might feel trapped or stuck in a relationship or in a particular situation related to your love life. It is a card of negative emotions such as envy, possessiveness, jealousy or addiction. The Devil might be a signal that it is time you end the relationship.

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